Youtube TV Keeps Signing Out? Quick Way To Stay Logged In!!

Are you confused by the fact that Youtube TV keeps logging you out? Every time you launch Youtube TV there is an automatic signout and you have to log in again?

Well, to be honest, it becomes very bothersome when we need to log in again without logging out, and if you are also experiencing this issue, you are not alone as there are many users who reported that Youtube TV keeps logging them out every time they launch the device.

As a past victim, fortunately, I was able to identify the cause and resolve the issue on my own after struggling for some time and trying multiple solutions. There are multiple causes that can lead to this issue.

Youtube TV keeps signing out when there are glitches in the app or when it becomes outdated, which doesn’t allow it to validate the account. Hence, it will request that you sign in again every time you restart the device or close the application.

Updates and reinstallation of the app tend to fix this issue in most cases, but some users have reported that even after reinstalling the app, the issue still persists and they have to login again.

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Therefore, taking into account all potential causes, I have created this guide that will help you prevent this from happening in the future and ensure that your Youtube TV stays signed in.

Why Does Youtube TV Keep Signing Me Out?

YouTube TV won’t authenticate automatically and will ask you to sign in again every time you restart your device for a variety of reasons, from corrupted data to outdated apps to conflict in your ISP connection.

Most often, the problem is experienced on Roku, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Xboxes, etc.

While it occurs across different devices, the underlying cause is the same on all of them and the fixes I have provided will work on all of them without any problems.

Here are some reasons why your YouTube TV logs you out and ask you to log in again:

  • Corrupted Stored Data.
  • IP Address Conflict.
  • Outdated App.
  • Incompatibility of the device and installed version of the Youtube TV App.

As now we know the possible causes which result in this issue, let’s see the solutions through which it can be resolved.

How To Fix Youtube TV Keeps Logging Out Issue?

The issue has been reported to be fixed by reinstalling the app by many users. At the same time, some of the users said they had already tried it and it didn’t work regardless of reinstalling the app.

The fact that there can be different reasons for this issue doesn’t mean that only one solution will work for everyone.

Youtube TV Sign In
Youtube TV Sign In

However, the root cause is the same. The Youtube TV application cannot authenticate with the Youtube servers, hence, it will ask you to sign in every time you turn off your device and log you out.

If you want to resolve it, you need to find where it’s coming from, because sometimes it’s corrupted data or an outdated app, other times it’s an IP address conflict or using a dynamic VPN that keeps changing every now and then.

Due to this, I have outlined and arranged the steps in such a way that you will be able to solve it as well as know what triggered it.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid and fix YouTube TV’s automatic signing out issue:

  • Reinstall Youtube TV
  • Change Password
  • Power Cycle your Internet Wifi
  • Disable Dynamic VPN settings

These 4 methods explain how you can easily solve this problem, so let’s examine each one and see whether or not it solves it on your end.

Reinstall Youtube TV

An outdated app or corrupted stored data triggers an authentication flag, leading to suspicious activity, which will cause Youtube TV to log you out, requiring you to log in again.

If the app is reinstalled, it will automatically install any available updates as well as delete any corrupted data.

If you are facing this issue on your browser, you will need to clear the cache and cookies from your browser to resolve the issue, as reinstalling the app will only work on devices where Youtube TV gets installed, such as Smart TV, Roku, and Apple TV.

So, If you are experiencing this issue on your browser, you will need to clear the cache and cookies.

Change Password

Make sure you change the Youtube TV account password after performing the above step. This will act as a fresh authentication on the device that you are using the app on.

Power Cycle your Internet Wifi

Your Youtube TV account may also be forced to sign out automatically if you have a conflicting IP address or dynamic VPN. In this case, you will need to power cycle your router so that a new IP address is assigned.

To fix the problem, turn off the VPN from a strict mode and then do a power cycle by removing the power cable from your router and plugging it back in after 3-4 minutes.

Wrapping It Up

Minor glitches on your device or YouTube TV application, or conflicting IP addresses can raise the authentication flag, resulting in Youtube TV signing you out and requiring a manual authentication process afterward.

I hope by following the above guide, you may be able to resolve the automatic sign-out of your YouTube TV account issue, but if you face any issues, please let me know in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Youtube TV Keeps Signing Out? Quick Way To Stay Logged In!!”

  1. It is so frustrating to keep signing in when I haven’t had to in the past. I am trying all suggestions but no luck so far.

    • Hey Eileen, totally agree with that and it only happens when Youtube sees any conflict into the IP address from which we have been trying, apart from carefully following all the above steps, you can do one more thing, that is call your ISP and get a static IP address assigned to your home broadband and that will solve the issue.
      Thank you

  2. Do I start by reinstalling the YouTube app on my TV or my phone? Also, I have multiple Riki’s using YouTube but it is only requiring me to sign in each time in our living room. The other TVs are not having issues.

    • You need to reinstall the Youtube TV App on the device where you are facing this issue, also make sure that there is no proxy or any kind of VPN glitching with that device. Changing between different IP addresses makes youtube suspicious about devices.

      Mobile and tablets often keep switching between mobile data and wifi network which causes this issue more compared to TVs as they stay on the same wifi or ethernet network.

  3. I just did mine tonight. 6/13/2022. I did the RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. Let it restart. You’ll have no connection. Go back to network settings and connect to the network. In my case, it was my wireless settings password. Got it set, started YT, still had log in via code, but, once logged in, I turned it off, waited, and then turned it back on. Presto! Came back on without having to sign in!

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