Youtube TV Blurry, Fuzzy, Grainy? Low Quality To Crystal!

Blurry, grainy, or fuzzy YouTube TV, even when you stream it in 1080p, not what you expect and wish to solve the low-quality issue on your YTTV?

I ignored the problem when it first happened and assumed my wifi was playing up. However, even when I tried to stream another show, the picture quality was not as expected and it was looking blurry.

My curiosity was sufficiently piqued and I began to figure out why, even on 1080p, the image appeared to be of low quality whereas earlier, it was crystal clear.

While troubleshooting, I discovered that I was not alone as numerous YTTV users reported that the video quality on their Youtube was quite low, blurry, and grainy.

Firestick users reported and faced it more frequently, followed by Samsung, Roku, and Smart TV users.

This guide will assist you with increasing the video quality and fixing the fuzzy video quality on your Youtube TV.

Why Is My Youtube TV Blurry, Fuzzy, Grainy?

Blurry Youtube TV is also common and can be easily fixed by tweaking a couple of settings and troubleshooting the root cause. Usually, the Video quality on your Youtube TV becomes blurry due to low bandwidth.

The 1080p or HD symbol on your Youtube TV player does not indicate that the video quality will be streaming on HD. Instead, it indicates that the video quality is capable of being streamed on HD depending on your device and internet speed.

Youtube TV

The Youtube TV’s fuzzy and blurry video quality is caused by low bandwidth or intermittent internet connections. Occasionally an outdated app or conflict in stored data can also cause this.

Firestick, Roku, Samsung, and LG smart TVs are the most affected devices.

Here are some possible reasons for your Youtube TV app having low video or blurry quality:

  • Low Bandwidth
  • Intermittent Internet Connection
  • Outdated App
  • Conflict in Stored Data
  • Minor App Glitch

Let’s now discuss the methods by which you can fix this problem, now that we know the possible causes.

How To Fix Low Quality, Grainy, Blurry Youtube TV?

It has been reported that the most common and successful fix is to manually override the video quality settings and to ensure that your internet connection is stable and provides enough bandwidth.

Below I have outlined the steps in the same order you need to perform without missing anything. Do not rush through any of them as that might take longer to fix even if you do it correctly.

  • Ensure Internet is Stable and Fast
  • Power Cycle Your Internet Wifi
  • Manually Adjust Picture Quality
  • Clear the Youtube TV Cache and Stored Data

Ensure Internet is Stable and Fast

Youtube TV’s algorithm is quite good at identifying the best video resolution your device can run smoothly without buffering.

However, due to intermittent wifi connections and stored data on your Youtube TV app, sometimes it will try to stream the video on higher resolution despite a low bandwidth or slow internet connection, which results in blurry Youtube TV pictures.

Make sure that your internet connection has a low ping value and is providing good speed.

Ping values indicate how smoothly packets are being downloaded and uploaded over your internet connection, and a value of below 20ms is considered good.

To stream high-quality videos without buffering or lagging, in addition to the ping, make sure that the speed of the download is at least 35 Mbps, which is considered the initial speed.

Power Cycle Your Internet Wifi

If your internet speed is good and your wifi is stable, you need to do a proper power cycle of your wi-fi router by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in after 3-4 minutes, so that all devices are cooled down and you get a new IP address.

After the proper power cycle is complete, you will need to close the Youtube TV application and relaunch it on your respective device, whether it is a Firestick, Roku, Samsung TV, or other Smart TV.

Afterward, your YouTube TV app will begin to stream in high quality again and you will no longer see the fuzzy blurry video.

Manually Adjust Picture Quality

Another way to get rid of the blurry or low-quality video on YouTube TV is to manually switch between the quality settings so that the YTTV player will adjust and pull a higher quality video stream.

YouTube TV’s PQ (Picture quality) can be adjusted manually and sometimes the picture will appear blurry even though it’s showing as HD. In those cases, you’ll need to switch between lower and higher quality so that the picture settings get reset.

It is still advisable to switch it manually if it is set to Auto as the settings on Auto have been glitched which leads to fuzzy pictures.

Steps to change Youtube TV Video Quality:

  1. Launch a YouTube TV video.
  2. Highlight the HD icon by scrolling down twice or clicking twice.
  3. You can now select a resolution and navigate back.
  4. Let the changes take effect for a moment, and the video will become crystal clear from blurry.

If you are facing blurry or low quality on Youtube TV while streaming it on Samsung TV, here is a nice video that might be helpful for you.

Clear the Youtube TV Cache and Stored Data

By following all the above methods correctly and carefully, it is most likely that Youtube TV’s blurry or low-quality video issue has been resolved, and you are viewing crystal clear streaming video.

However, if your video quality still isn’t up to standard, here is another method that, when combined with the above methods, will solve any remaining issues that may be causing you trouble.

Whether you are streaming Youtube TV through a Firestick, Roku, Samsung, LG, or any other smart TV, the YouTube TV app is installed and used instead of direct streaming through the browser.

Static data, such as cache and cookies, are stored in order to make the app function faster. Every video you play and each setting you make is stored and the data is fetched as you navigate around the app.

As a result, the cache, cookies, and other data keep storing and updating within the App data, which sometimes gets conflicting and needs to be manually cleared.

Depending on your device, the steps to clear the cache and other data are similar, and you can do so by navigating inside the settings > applications or installed applications > clear or delete stored data.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re used to watching crystal clear videos in high quality, suddenly seeing blurry, fuzzy, or grainy video quality makes you feel like something has been taken away from you.

It has happened to me in the past and I figured it out and resolved it on my end, so hopefully, you will be able to fix it by following the above guide on your Firestick, Roku, or Smart TV whichever device you are using Youtube TV on.

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