Youtube TV Audio Out Of Sync Problems? Try Real Fix!!

Is the YouTube TV Audio Out of Sync driving you crazy, have you tried fixing it but the video and audio still do not match. I’ll help you to resolve the Audio Sync trouble on your YouTube TV.

Youtube TV app audio out-of-sync problem has been reported across all devices, including Apple TV, Smart TV, Fire TV, Roku, iPad, etc., and in fact, all supported devices are affected.

While streaming Youtube TV on my Samsung Smart tv, I experienced this issue, later I switched to the Firestick, but the issue persisted. At first, I thought the issue happened when the external speakers were connected, but this was not the case, and it was constantly happening even without any external audio.

Since I am a streaming enthusiast, I started digging into it, and while researching about it I discovered that it is a widespread problem reported by many users across all of the Youtube TV-supported devices.

It took me a while to get through to the Youtube TV email support, and they didn’t appear to be ready to acknowledge that it had any kind of issue and just told me to restart the device, which didn’t help.

Youtube TV (Image Credit: Youtube)
Youtube TV (Image Credit: Youtube)

Eventually, I figured it out and, to ensure that the issue has been resolved, I recreated it and fixed it again. In this guide, I will explain what causes it and how you can fix it yourself.

Out of sync Audio was mainly reported while playing YouTube TV 4K channels, but it also happens when watching normal channels. The issue is caused by audio codec issues mostly.

Without further ado, let’s get into why this happens, which devices are affected by it, and how it can be fixed.

Why Is Youtube TV Audio Out Of Sync?

The Twitter support for Youtube TV acknowledged when users reported the Audio Delay and Out of Sync issue while watching 4K channels like Fox 4K that the developers are working on fixing the issue. However, the support did not provide any more details.

Regarding 4K channels, it was mainly the glitch that was being addressed by YouTube TV’s backend developers, when I checked the specifics of the Audio format, I realized it wasn’t a device glitch but rather an issue with the app itself.


In addition to that, audio out-of-sync issues were reported on non 4K channels while using devices such as Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku, and Firestick. This was not due to app problems as it was happening due to compatibility conflict between Google’s YouTube TV and the device.

The following are the main devices that were affected by the out of sync audio or delayed audio issue with Youtube TVs:

  • Smart TV (Samsung, LG, TCL etc)
  • Apple TV
  • Streaming devices like (Fire Stick and Roku)
  • DVRs
  • Mobile and Tablets

Regardless, the root cause of the audio not matching video issue on these devices is the same and with the following steps, it can be easily solved on each of them.

How To Fix Youtube TV Out Of Sync Audio Problems?

Regarding the 4K channels, Youtube provided an updated version of its YouTube TV app that corrected the delayed audio issue, but some users have reported that the issue remains both across 4K as well as normal channels.

To fix it, the device must be reset, the YouTube TV application must be reinstalled, and the internet connection must be rebooted.

Youtube TV Audio Format Specs
Youtube TV Audio Format Specs

On Smart TVs, YouTube TV only broadcasts basic stereo, so if you have the 5.1 or Dolby audio enabled on your smart TV like the LG or Samsung, the sound gets delayed and out-of-sync audio issues happen. You can fix this by changing the audio option and selecting the secondary audio option.

Even though most glitches get resolved when you reset the device and the Youtube TV app, there are some cases where the issue persists and I have detailed the below steps that you need to perform to solve it.

To fix the out of sync audio issues with Youtube TV, follow these steps:

  • Switch between Channels
  • Change Audio Settings
  • Clear the Youtube TV App cache and stored data
  • Change the Audio Quality

Switch between Channels

This is not a permanent fix, but it usually fixes the audio delay issue when it occurs due to minor glitches, such as when the internet is having problems and latency issues arise.

Whenever we switch from one channel to another, the video quality gets recalculated according to the internet speed, so the audio and videos match and get calibrated properly.

Change Audio Settings

Video Audio sync problems are caused by Audio Video Codec compatibility issues and glitches. If you used VLC on your PC in earlier days, you might have encountered these issues where the additional codecs were installed to fix any video audio sync problems.

On smart TVs, the video accelerators ensure that the highest quality videos play smoothly without any lag or image quality issues.

When the audio and video formats are switched to the highest quality, the audio gets out of sync, and usually, this happens after the video has already started, at first, everything will be fine, but after a few minutes, the audio gets out of sync, ruining the viewing experience.

So, if you are experiencing the issue on your Smart TVs like LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc., you should check your Audio settings and you need to make the appropriate changes like changing audio to a secondary source and if you are using Soundbar or 5.1 Dolby, make the necessary changes.

Clear the Youtube TV App Data

In some cases, Youtube TV audio and video do not match due to corrupted app data, so that needs to be cleaned manually to repair Youtube TV (YTTV).

Usually, it happens when we have out-of-sync audio on Fire TV and Roku devices.

To delete the stored data, go to Settings > Applications > Youtube TV from where you can delete Cache, Cookies, and other App Data.

Change the Audio Quality

When the internet is unstable or low speed (latency) you will experience audio out of sync on Youtube TV as there is not enough data to stream content in high quality. In that case, you may need to reduce the video quality manually.

If that’s the case, ensure first that the internet is providing enough speed so that you can stream content at high speed and you can do so by running a speed test from any device connected to the wifi, which normally requires 35+ Mbps for high-quality streaming.

Additionally, you can perform a proper power cycle on your router wifi by unplugging the main power cable and plugging it back in after 4-5 minutes. This will make your wireless connection more stable.

Wrapping It Up

The issue of audio and video not matching on Youtube TV certainly ruins our viewing experience, but it is not a serious issue and can be easily fixed.

Hopefully, with the help of the above guide, you will be able to fix the problem on all of your devices.

If you are still experiencing any issues, you can contact YouTube TV support. Or if you face any problems while performing the above steps, you can let me know.

In summary, YouTube TV audio issues occur due to Video and Audio Codec glitches, and here’s what you can do to fix them.

  • Switch between channels
  • Restart the Youtube App and Device
  • Optimize Internet Connection
  • Change Audio Settings on Device
  • Lower the Video Quality
  • Clear App Data from Device

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