How To Get Vudu on Smart TV, Firestick, Roku [Quick Guide]

In this guide, You will know how to get Vudu on Smart TV, Firestick, Roku and Google TV. 

Is your TV or streaming devices sitting and collecting dust or are you stuck on Netflix only? Are you willing to explore more out of your TV experience?

Although space is flooded with different streaming apps, What if I say that there is an app that offers the latest releases, on-demand content, and will let you watch all of your favorite movies or shows on any streaming device. The answer is the Vudu app.

Yes, you will have a great time using the Vudu streaming app. Isn’t it amazing to have a theatre-like experience while sitting at home?

What is Vudu App and on which devices it is available?

Vudu is part of Wallmart, This streaming app has made today’s movie-watching experience a pleasure by bringing the power of high-quality streaming anytime and anywhere on your phone or tablet. Having a massive content library, it contains every genre from Movies, TV Shows, Sports, News, Anime, and much more.

On which devices is Vudu available?

Vudu streaming app has made today’s movie-watching experience a pleasure by bringing the power of high-quality streaming anytime and anywhere on your phone or tablet.

The Vudu app is available on:

  • Firestick
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Google TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Windows

How does Vudu’s Renting and Subscription works?

Unlike other subscription-based apps, Vudu is different and you don’t have to get a subscription and ultimately it is going to be the method that all other streaming apps going to follow eventually. You only have to pay for the content which you wish to watch and that’s how it’s popular among other streaming apps.

When renting a movie, you might be able to watch it immediately or later. You need to watch the video within 30 days of when you rented it. When watching, you have up to 24-48 hours to finish it or to watch as many times as you’d like during that time period.

Vudu App Features & Details

Vudu has 28000+ movies and 8000+ TV shows. All content is organized into separate categories like movies, music, documentaries, cartoons, kids, TV shows, and on-demand content. Also, you can adjust or change the video quality according to the internet speed. It’s worth spending money on Vudu because it is user-friendly and has splendid features such as InstaWatch, Movies on Us, Movies Anywhere, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at the features that a Vudu app offers:

  1. A wide selection of movies and TV shows to stream.
  2. Supported on various streaming devices.
  3. No monthly or annual subscription. Only pay for what you wish to watch.
  4. On-demand streaming support.
  5. Allows downloading media contents.
  6. High-quality streaming

Alright, so now, let’s see how you can get Vudu on your devices irrespective of which one you do have whether it is Firestick, FireTV, Google TV, Android Smart TV, Roku, etc. I have covered them all for you.

How to get Vudu App on Firestick and FireTV

Vudu app for Firestick is a great option for those who want more options when it comes to finding entertainment since it allows them to have access to a wide range of high-quality content.

Firestick users can now stream their favorite shows in 4K with Vudu, using their Firestick or TV, without having to pay for an expensive subscription.

I have tried and tested multiple ways through which you install Vudu on your Firestick and FireTV.

I am listing only the top three ways through which you can install it quickly, you can choose any of them to enjoy Vudu on your Amazon Firestick as well as FireTV.

Different Ways through which you can get Vudu on Firestick

1: Direct download and install from Amazon app store

VUDU for FireTV & Firestick

Vudu has been launched on Amazon App Store for Firestick and FireTV and this is the easiest way to install Vudu on your device.

You just need to navigate to the Amazon App Store and Search “Vudu”. You will get the first results, install that and enjoy Vudu.

2: Manual sideload method through direct Vudu app source

Sideload Vudu on Firestick & FireTV

This is the most lengthy method through which you can get started with Vudu on your FireTV and Firestick and we wouldn’t recommend it much due to long procedure.

Althoug if you still with to go with this process, Below are the quick steps through which you can install the Vudu APK on your Firestick and FireTV.

  • First, Allow the “App from unknown sources” by visiting into the settings section
  • Second, Open the Downloader app (If you haven’t installed the Downloader, you can easily get it from Amazon app store)
  • Lastly, Search and visit from your downloader and navigate to the Vudu for firestick Apk file.
  • You will get the file download and install option once you click that, The Vudu apk will be installed on your Firestick and same goes with FireTV.

3: Accessing Vudu through the Amazon firestick browsers (Amazon Silk or Firefox)

Vudu App using Browser on Firestick & FireTV

If you do not wish to install the Vudu APP or APK file, than this is the most easiest way to find out if Vudu is worth for you.

Make sure you do have browser installed on your Amazon Firestick or FireTV, if not, you can download the Silk browser or Firefox easily on your device and after that you can directly visit the official website.

How to get Vudu on Roku

Vudu app for Roku allows you to keep a track of what you’ve watched when you’ve watched it, and what’s next on your watching list. When it comes to movie watching on Roku, it is your best buddy.

Vudu has the largest selection of movies on Roku that you won’t find anywhere else.

Furthermore, with the Vudu app for Roku, you can easily search for your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO & Showtime.

Vudu on Roku

Vudu is available for Roku directly in its Channel Section and you do not need to install any kind of third party app or sideload method with your Roku.

Navigate to the Roku Channel Section, Search for Vudu and than you will get the option to install Vudu on Roku.

How to get Vudu on Smart TV

Vudu provides an easy way for Android TV users to watch content from Vudu on their TV screens without the hassle of having to connect a computer or phone to the device. With Vudu App for Android TV, you can now bring your favorite movies and shows with you anywhere.

Vudu on Android TV

As Vudu is owned by Wallmart, they made sure that this streaming service is available for every streaming device and on all of the devices, Vudu has got spot on their App stores.

In Android as well, you can easily install Vudu Apk file by visiting the Playstore and can enjoy with or without signing in Vudu.

Vudu Pricing & Subscription Details

Vudu has a free version and a paid version. It has been in the market for over five years now, but the company only recently launched its app.

It’s free to create an account with Vudu and there is no monthly subscription fee.

Don’t want to pay anything straight away but want to try for free? Not to worry, you can start using the content right away, no need to sign up. If you want to rent or buy movies and TV shows, you pay on a case basis.

Rentals/Usage Fees typically range from $1-6. Selecting the quality is important because movies are usually popular and can be dated. Prices will differ based on the quality you’ve chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Vudu app free?

Vudu has free as well as premier content, Also you can enjoy Vudu without even signing up or having an account.

How much does Vudu cost per month?

Depending on your usage, it starts from basic rental charges of 1-6 dollars which goes up by your rental and usage.

Is Vudu being discontinued?

No, Vudu has some amazing updates coming in the future and the road plan looks promising for Vudu.

How can I watch Vudu for free?

You can watch all free content available on Vudu without signing up to your Vudu account, make sure you do have Vudu installed on your device.

Is Vudu free and legal?

Yes, Vudu is completely legal and free to use, although you can get paid subscription as well.

Which is better Hulu or Vudu?

Vudu is loved more than Hulu, although both have their plus points and it depends on your usage.

Are Fandango and Vudu the same?

Yes, Fandango and Vudu is same.

How do I get Vudu on my TV?

Make sure your TV is Android TV or Smart TV, after that you can easily download and install the Vudu on your TV.

How do I download VUDU to my Smart TV?

You can easily install the Vudu app from the Playstore on your Android Smart TV.

Where is Vudu available?

Vudu is available on all streaming devices such as Firestick, Roku, Android TV, Google TV as well as mobile, tablets, and personal computers.

Why can’t you buy movies on the Vudu app?

Make sure you are logged in with your Vudu account, Also check your account rental and subscription option.

Is Vudu owned by Amazon?

No, Vudu is not owned by Amazon.

What company owns Vudu?

Vudu is owned by Walmart.

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