HBO Max “Unsupported Version” Error? Can’t Update Fix!!

HBO Max unsupported version error

Do you keep seeing the “Unsupported Version” error message on your HBO Max and it keeps asking you to update but you can’t seem to get rid of it? Due to this error, Samsung TVs and Amazon Firesticks are two of the most affected devices. Users who have these devices have reported getting an error … Read more

HBO Max “Download Limit Reached” Error [Quick Fix]

HBO Max Download Limit Reached

Are you watching HBO Max and seeing the “Download Limit Reached! To download the title, delete one of your downloads.” message? Well, if you have encountered this error message despite not having downloaded any content on your HBO Max app, you are not alone, it has been reported by a number of users. I encountered … Read more

HBO Max “Unhandled Exception Error” Can’t Login? Quick Fix!

HBO Max unhandled exception error login issue

Are you getting “Unhandled Exception” while trying to login to HBO Max on any device, whether it be your mobile phone, smart TV, Fire TV, or app you are getting “can’t sign in unhandled exception”? It is very annoying when we enter correct login credentials and still cannot sign and keep getting “Unhandled Exception Error”. … Read more

HBO Max Can’t Verify Subscription? Try This Quick Fix!

HBO Max cannot verify subscription

Are you getting upset because you can’t log on to HBO MAX through your provider, no matter what you do, it does not recognize your cable provider or internet provider, or does HBO MAX can not verify your subscription? It’s quite likely that if you’re here, you’re dealing with this annoying issue where either HBO … Read more