Sky Q Voice Remote Not Working? Try Quick Fix!!

I can see how handy voice control is after using it on the Sky remote, but what if it does not work on Sky Q and you have to do everything manually? I know this is a nightmare, especially when Sky Q is replacing the old one with a new voice remote.

You don’t have to feel bad if your Sky Q Voice remote isn’t working anymore. This is a common issue reported by many Sky customers across a number of support forums. I have also dealt with this issue in the past myself.

Throughout this guide, I will show you how to activate Voice on your Sky Q remote, what to do if it stops working, and how to fix it quickly at home.

Sky Q Remote Voice Button
Sky Q Remote Voice Button

Users reported that the Sky Q remote stopped working due to minor glitches such as losing the connection to your Sky Q box or not syncing properly. In that case, you can fix it by doing a power cycle, resetting the remote as well as the setup box, then pairing them again.

In order to get started, let’s start with some basics like whether the Voice feature is available on your remote, how to activate it if it is available and how to fix it if it doesn’t work.

Do All Sky Q Remotes Have Voice Control?

Those of you wondering if the voice control feature is available on all of the Sky setup box remotes should know that it is not for all Sky subscribers, and only those who have obtained the Sky Q or Sky Q mini VIP subscription through Sky will be able to obtain a free replacement remote from Sky.

It’s true, Sky is giving a free voice remote to Sky Q and Sky Q mini subscribers in exchange for their old remotes, and in my opinion, it’s quite useful.

Ok, so how do I find out if your Sky Remote has this Voice feature?

It is pretty easy to find out if your remote supports this feature or not. In the picture below you see the “Mic” button at the center of the Sky remote, if your remote has this button then you are good to go. This “Mic” button indicates that your remote supports voice control.

Sky Q Remote With Mic (Voice Control)
Sky Q Remote With Mic (Voice Control)

If my remote does not have the “Mic” or voice control feature for Sky Q or Sky Q mini, what should I do?

If this is the case, you can easily redeem your voice control remote by following a few simple steps listed below:

  1. Launch the My Sky app.
  2. At the bottom, click the Sky VIP tab.
  3. Click on “Exclusive Free Voice Remote”.
  4. Tap the “Redeem Now” button.
  5. Tap Confirm order after reviewing the Terms and Conditions.

Once you complete this step, you will begin receiving notifications regarding tracking details and the delivery of your Sky voice control remote.

In addition, I have seen people who have this feature but wonder how it is used, in which case keep reading and you will learn how to use it.

Would you mind telling me what the features and functions of the Sky Q voice remote are?

Sure, if you’d like to know what all your Sky Q voice remote can do, here’s the list:

  • You can listen to and download recordings (“Play Chernobyl”)
  • You can pause, rewind, or fast-forward (“Skip 20 minutes”)
  • Using the search box, you can find a specific show, actor, movie, or sporting event (“Game of Thrones” or “Tom Hanks”)
  • Turn subtitles on (“Turn on accessibility settings”)
  • Use a famous quote from the movie to locate the movie (“May the Force be with you”)
  • You will be able to switch channels (“Go to Sky One”)
  • Open Netflix by saying “Open Netflix”

How To Activate Voice On Sky Q Remote?

Activating And Using Sky Q Remote Voice Control
Activating And Using Sky Q Remote Voice Control

Here’s how you can activate Voice on your Sky Q or Sky Q mini remote. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

Voice functionality is activated by default on all Sky voice remote controls, so you just need to start using it.

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Hold the Sky remote up.
  2. Speak into the microphone by pressing and holding the voice button (just below the sky button).
  3. When you’ve finished speaking, let go of the voice button so your Sky Q box can process your request.

It’s that easy to use your Sky Q remote’s voice feature.

Why Won’t Voice Control Work On My Sky Q Remote?

Sky Q Voice Control Feature Guide

Regarding the main concern most of the users are facing, they are reporting that the voice control has stopped working on their Sky Q remote.

It usually happens for only a couple of reasons that the voice function of the Sky Q remote stops working.

The following reasons can lead to this:

  • Batteries in the remote are weak.
  • The microphone of the remote has been clogged with dirt, debris, or blockages.
  • Ghost pressed (Stuck pressed) keys.
  • The distance between the remote and the TV.
  • It is a temporary glitch that causes the remote to not sync with the TV.
  • There is no internet connection.

The above causes are the only ones that can lead to problems with your Voice remote, apart from a defective remote, which you can detect easily if none of the buttons work on your remote.

As we now know what causes the problem and leads to the non-operation of voice on your Sky remote, let’s see what you can do to fix it.

How To Fix Sky Q Remote Voice Control?

Fixing Sky Q Remote Voice Control

Many people have reported that when we press the voice button on our Sky Q remote, it listens, but doesn’t work.

This is a quote from a Sky customer stating the same issue:

“We have brand new batteries, but when we press the microphone button, the screen comes up and we get a message saying “I didn’t get it”.”

Well, in almost all cases it can be fixed at home without contacting Sky support and getting another replacement, so before you do that, make sure you check out the below troubleshooting steps which will get your Sky Q voice remote working normally, and save you time and hassle.

As a guide, here is the checklist you should follow when experiencing any issues with your Sky remote’s voice control:

  • Replace the battery if it does not have enough juice.
  • Don’t place the remote too far away from the TV.
  • Ensure that all buttons are unpressed (Ghost pressed). 
  • Check that the microphone is not covered in dirt, debris, or anything else that might make it hard to hear.
  • Ensure that your internet connection is working

These were the initial checks which you need to check one by one, now once you have checked all of the above, you can proceed to further troubleshoot if the Voice function is still not working on your Sky remote.

Cold Reboot Sky Q box 

  1. On your Sky Q remote, press Standby, then unplug the device at the wall or switch it off.
  2. Verify that your Sky Q box doesn’t have any lights on the front panel and that all cables are securely connected.
  3. Switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains by plugging it in.
  4. As soon as the on-screen instructions disappear, press Home on your Sky Q remote.

This is how you can fix any temporary glitch that may cause your remote’s voice feature to not work.

Re-pair your remote

In the event that the power cycle does not fix the issue, the remote’s settings must be forgotten, and it must be paired again with your TV.

You can pair your remote by following these steps:

  1. To reset your remote, press 7 and 9 together until the light flashes four times.
  2. After that, Re-pair it by holding down 1 and 3 together.
  3. Enter the brand of your TV by selecting Continue.
  4. Click on Find it for me.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to pair it.

If you follow the above steps, you will be able to fix the voice issue on your Sky remote and one more important factor to note is that you might have to press the key combination more than once because timing is critical in these steps.

Reset Sky Q Voice Remote Control

To factory reset your remote, hold down 7 and 9 until the remote’s light flashes four times and try the steps again.

Then point your remote at the Q box and press 1 & 3 together until the led flashes twice, then follow the onscreen instructions to re-pair.


The voice feature of Sky Q is quite useful, and I understand why you do not want to be left out. The voice feature can, however, occasionally stop working and you can easily fix that with a few steps.

For those of you having trouble using the voice feature on your Sky remote, I’ve provided all the steps necessary so you can start using it again. 

To sum it up for you, here’s what to do when using voice control on your Sky Q remote:

  • You should perform a proper power cycle for your TV and SkyQ.
  • Make sure the internet is working, the batteries are in good condition, and the remote is not damaged.
  • The Sky remote needs to be reset and paired again.

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