Prime Video Not Working On HDMI Due To HDMI Error? Quick Fix

Are you having trouble watching Prime Video via HDMI cable, getting an HDMI error, or cannot get Prime Video to play on your TV via HDMI?

It is true that all other streaming services may work, but due to Amazon Prime Video’s different working approach, users have reported that they are experiencing constant issues while streaming it through their HDMI cables.

The HDMI error occurred while watching Prime Video shows and it stopped playing over the HDMI cable. I thought it might be a problem with the HDMI but other streaming apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, etc worked fine.

Here’s how the Prime Video HDMI error looks and appears on the screen when streaming it.

“HDMI Connection

There is a problem with the connection to your TV. Try using a different HDMI cable for more help go to

Prime Video HDMI Error (Image Source: Twitter)
Prime Video HDMI Error (Image Source: Twitter)

What should you do if you have trouble watching Amazon Prime Video? I’ll explain why and how to solve it easily so you can enjoy watching your favorite show again.

In spite of the fact that most Prime Video HDMI issues occur when we are streaming on our TVs, some Prime Video users have reported that they have faced the issue when watching on PC, Mac, or Windows in addition to smart TVs.

Why Prime Video Not Working Over HDMI?

The Prime Video stops playing over HDMI when either the device and app have been glitched or the HDMI cable has been damaged and doesn’t transfer enough data for it to work properly, and to fix it you need to reboot your devices and reconnect the HDMI cable to your devices after cleaning ports.

Besides Smart TVs, the Prime Video HDMI Error also occurs on Roku devices, PC, Mac, Windows, etc. Even though the devices are different, the root cause for the HDMI issue is the same.

On Smart TVs like Philips, Samsung, LG, etc, here’s what the error says:

“HDMI Connection

There’s a problem with the connection to your TV. Try using a different HDMI cable.”

Prime Video HDMI Issue On Tivo Stream 4K (Source: Amazon Forum)
Prime Video HDMI Issue On Tivo Stream 4K (Source: Amazon Forum)

During the process of debugging and troubleshooting it, I contacted Prime Video support, but they only said it’s a temporary glitch and restart your device, and it will be fixed.

As I became curious, I restarted the device a few times until it fixed it temporarily before it returned and this time it came in between a show instead of earlier when I was starting the app on my TV. I wondered why it happened only on the Prime Video App and not on other streaming apps.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for you through which you can easily resolve this issue on your device.

How To Fix HDMI Error On Amazon Prime Video?

HDMI is the acronym for the High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI cables are used to transfer audio and video data at a high speed from the sender to the receiver. All data is encrypted while in transit.

An HDMI issue is caused by either a slight glitch or by a faulty or loose HDMI Cable that causes trouble streaming Prime Video. Depending on your device, we need to first determine the root cause to solve the issue.

Inevitably, HDMI cables can show signs of wear and tear, breakage, and burns. Such damage might cause incomplete rendering but physical damage isn’t the only reason your Amazon Prime Videos HDMI cable won’t work.

There may be some issues with your device or Amazon Prime Video that prevent the HDMI cable from working. Perhaps you forgot to overwrite a faulty update. Alternatively, there may be some damage to the HDMI port on your device or a glitch in the software of your device.

It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing issues playing Prime Video on your TV, PC, Mac, or Roku devices due to HDMI Error, the steps are similar, and I have outlined them below, and you should follow them appropriately to fix the issue.

  1. Power Cycle Your Device
  2. Reinstall the Prime Video App
  3. Inspect HDMI Cable and Clean It

Power Cycle Your Device

It sounds simple, but it is true that when the HDMI error appears on Prime Video, the TV and Apps settings might be glitched triggering the error. A power cycle by unplugging the cable and reconnecting it after 2-3 minutes usually fixes the issue.

Prime Video support advised me to do the same and others have reported that doing a power cycle has fixed the issue for them on forums and social media websites.

Despite the fact that it worked for a while, eventually, the error appears, and if you experience that, you need to proceed to further steps.

Reinstall the Prime Video App

Earlier, when the app peaked and users started reporting that they were unable to watch Prime Video due to some HDMI error, the Prime Video app confirmed that there were some glitches, and they will be releasing a new update soon to fix them.

Depending on the device, Prime Video releases minor updates regularly to fix any minor issues that might trigger such errors. Make sure that your Prime Video app is updated or that any stored data on your device is not corrupt.

It’s best to reinstall the app on your device to take care of both the updates or any corrupted data in the prime video app as that will clean all your data and install the latest version of the prime video.

Inspect HDMI Cable and Clean It

The HDMI cable needs to be checked for any faults, then the cable needs to be replugged after the device’s ports are cleaned. This will fix the problem.

This is because the Prime Video DRM Certificates and other app settings need high-quality, uninterrupted data transfer over the HDMI cable. Therefore, a loose or faulty HDMI cable may cause issues with the Prime Video App.

Furthermore, you can also get high-speed HDMI cables, which are quite affordable and enhance both the video as well as audio quality.

Wrapping It Up

Though you might wonder why other streaming apps work but Prime Video has issues playing over HDMI cable, it’s because the backend of Prime Video Application differs from others, so any minor glitch or faulty HDMI cable can trigger the HDMI error when streaming Prime video.

It is not a big issue that can affect Prime Video streaming for longer, so there is no need to worry as it can be resolved quickly by following a few steps.

Here I have summarized the above guide concisely if you are wondering how to fix your Prime Video app not working with HDMI cable.

  1. Inspect HDMI Cables and Ports
  2. Power Cycle Device
  3. Reinstall the Prime Video App
  4. Update the Device as well as Prime Video

Feel free to comment below if you have difficulty following any of the steps outlined in the above guide.

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