Sky Q Remote Not Working, Voice, Touch, Buttons? Quick Fix!!

Sky Q Remote Not Working

Are you having trouble using your Sky Q remote, tried basic troubleshooting, but it still does not respond or does not have a red light? My problem started with Sky Q’s remote when I replaced the batteries, but after troubleshooting and browsing multiple forums, I learned that I wasn’t alone and it’s a quite common … Read more

Sky Q HDMI Not Working, Connection Issue? Quick Fix!

Sky Q HDMI Not Working

Having trouble connecting HDMI with Sky Q Box, getting no signal, intermittent, or it losing connection and not connecting perfectly? Wish to know how to fix HDMI Splitter or HDMI not working with Sky Q Box? It doesn’t matter if you have Sky Q Box or Sky Q Mini, some HDMI splitters won’t work with … Read more

HBO Max “Unsupported Version” Error? Can’t Update Fix!!

HBO Max unsupported version error

Do you keep seeing the “Unsupported Version” error message on your HBO Max and it keeps asking you to update but you can’t seem to get rid of it? Due to this error, Samsung TVs and Amazon Firesticks are two of the most affected devices. Users who have these devices have reported getting an error … Read more

Prime Video Flickering, Flashing Green Screen? Real Fix!!

Amazon Prime Video Flickering

Are you experiencing flickering on your Amazon Prime Video screen? All of sudden the screen on your Prime Video started going green and flickering? Recently, I visited a friend’s place and we decided to do some watching on Prime Video, but things didn’t go smoothly as the screen started flashing, flickering and we were curious … Read more

Youtube TV Blurry, Fuzzy, Grainy? Low Quality To Crystal!

Youtube TV Blurry, Fuzzy, Grainy Quality

Blurry, grainy, or fuzzy YouTube TV, even when you stream it in 1080p, not what you expect and wish to solve the low-quality issue on your YTTV? I ignored the problem when it first happened and assumed my wifi was playing up. However, even when I tried to stream another show, the picture quality was … Read more

Prime Video Subtitles Out Of Sync? Quick CC Fix!!

Prime Video Subtitles out of sync

Are your Prime Video subtitles out of sync, all of a sudden while watching shows on amazon prime video the closed captions are delayed or out of sync? The CC/Subtitles going either too fast or delayed is the most common issue that Prime Video users report across multiple devices, such as smart TVs like LG, … Read more