Prime Video Not Working On Xbox One X/S? Quick Fix!

Prime Video Not Working On Xbox One

When playing Amazon Prime Video on your Xbox One, does it show “something went wrong” or crash and return to the Xbox logo? There are several Xbox users who have reported the above-mentioned issue as well as the Green and Purple screen while playing Prime Video titles. If you are experiencing the same problem, you … Read more

Prime Video Pixelated Quality Issue? Try This Fix!!

Prime Video Pixelated Issue

Is your Prime video of low quality or looks pixelated and glitchy? Does it affect multiple devices, such as TVs, Xboxes, PlayStation 4, Firesticks, etc.? The first thing you have to know is that you are not alone, as a number of users have reported low pixelated quality on Prime Video on multiple devices, whereas … Read more

Youtube App Not Working On Sky Q? Here’s Quick Fix!!

Sky Q Youtube App not working

Are you trying to access YouTube on your Sky Q but it is not working, or the loading screen keeps spinning as the Youtube logo with the spinning circle doesn’t move any further? Don’t fret if you’re having trouble using the Youtube app on your Sky Q, there are numerous users complaining about the audio … Read more

Sky Q Voice Remote Not Working? Try Quick Fix!!

Sky Q Remote Voice Control Not Working

I can see how handy voice control is after using it on the Sky remote, but what if it does not work on Sky Q and you have to do everything manually? I know this is a nightmare, especially when Sky Q is replacing the old one with a new voice remote. You don’t have … Read more

Sky Subtitles Won’t Turn Off, Keep Coming Back? Quick Fix!!

Sky Subtitle wont turn off keep coming back

Are you tired of turning off the subtitles on your Sky, but they keep coming back every time you change channels or watch the current one, not being able to properly disable the subtitles? As you know, you are not alone and hundreds of Sky subscribers are experiencing the same minor yet annoying problem where … Read more

Sky Q Remote Not Working, Voice, Touch, Buttons? Quick Fix!!

Sky Q Remote Not Working

Are you having trouble using your Sky Q remote, tried basic troubleshooting, but it still does not respond or does not have a red light? My problem started with Sky Q’s remote when I replaced the batteries, but after troubleshooting and browsing multiple forums, I learned that I wasn’t alone and it’s a quite common … Read more

HBO Max “Unsupported Version” Error? Can’t Update Fix!!

HBO Max unsupported version error

Do you keep seeing the “Unsupported Version” error message on your HBO Max and it keeps asking you to update but you can’t seem to get rid of it? Due to this error, Samsung TVs and Amazon Firesticks are two of the most affected devices. Users who have these devices have reported getting an error … Read more