Hulu Recording Won’t Delete? Quick Solution!

Because of your hectic schedule, you recorded shows on HULU’s DVR for viewing in your free time, but later you were unable to delete those recordings.

Well, It is not a new issue and I along with many other Hulu users reported it at the beginning of last year (2021), but still, it hasn’t been resolved.

The unlimited DVR cloud storage was introduced by Hulu at the start of the second quarter of this year (April 2022), where users could record as many shows as they wanted without worrying about watching hours (early recording limitations). 

Obviously, if we have unlimited DVR space, we do not need to worry about deleting and recording shows, but for ease of access and organizing, we should be able to delete shows and videos we have already seen.

This guide will help you to delete your HULU recordings quickly and easily using a few simple methods.

Why Am I Not Able To Delete HULU DVR Recordings?

Don’t worry if you are having difficulty deleting recorded content on your HULU DVR, you are not the only one, many users have reported this issue. 

Furthermore, I would like to point out that those who are able to delete their recordings will also return to their HULU DVR, as this is also a problem with HULU in which users are not able to delete recordings and secondly, even if they delete them, they keep getting them back.

A user reported on Twitter that he was unable to delete shows from HULU DVR.

HULU User Reporting DVR Issue on Twitter

On reddit, Another user was able to successfully delete recordings after multiple attempts, as shown below.

However, even after deleting the recordings, they keep coming back, which is also related to the main issue that users cannot delete HULU recordings.

After users reported the issue across multiple social platforms, HULU twitter support acknowledged it and responded, “we’re looking into it.”

Hulu Twitter Support On Cloud DVR Issue

The issue has been acknowledged and assured users that it will be resolved, but there is no official fix as of yet.

Upon investigating this issue numerous times and going through it multiple times, it became clear that this issue mainly occurred after HULU rolled out unlimited DVR space for all users.

HULU DVR users are not able to delete recorded shows because of a temporary glitch in the backend server that prevents the deletion process from being triggered despite showing deleted on user displays.

How To Delete Recorded Shows On HULU?

Deleting Hulu DVR Recording
Deleting Hulu DVR Recording

I have listed below the methods for removing recorded shows from Hulu My Stuff.

Deleting Hulu DVR Recordings (Through Privacy)

  1. From your laptop or PC, launch any web browser.
  2. Log in to your account at “”.
  3. Select “Account” in the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. Click “California Privacy Rights” under Privacy Settings at the bottom of the page.
  5. On the next screen, check “My Stuff and Cloud DVR”. 
  6. After that select “Clear Selected” and “Confirm” on the next screen.
Hulu My Stuff and Cloud DVR Recording Delete
Hulu DVR Recording Checkbox Under Privacy Settings

That’s all, now you can go back to your My Stuff section and DVR recording section, the recorded shows will not be present over there.

Deleting Hulu My Stuff And Cloud DVR (Different Devices)

Smart TV

Remove recorded shows from my stuff:

  1. On your smart TV, open the “Hulu” app.
  2. Choose the show you would like to remove from my stuff and click on it.
  3. Scroll down and “select details” with the remote.
  4. Now, Use your smart TV remote to select “my episode”.
  5. Once you have selected the episode you wish to “remove”, select the “remove” option.
  6. You can now “remove an episode recording” from my stuff by selecting it.

Remove a Movie from My stuff recordings:

  1. Navigate to “my stuff”.
  2. Now, The movie that you wish to “remove from my stuff” can be selected by clicking on it.
  3. Lastly, To remove a movie from your stuff, go to the movie’s details page and click the “remove button”.

Once this is complete, Hulu will remove the show and its recording from your account.

Note: It’s sometimes problematic if a single episode is added to a show. The entire show will then appear in my stuff. Therefore, it’s advised to remove the single episode. 

Important: On Hulu, you can add episodes from your episode section. Once you remove an episode from your episode section, it will remove the whole show from your stuff page.

Using Hulu Mobile App

Remove recordings from my episode on the iPad

  1. On your phone, launch the “Hulu” app.
  2. Go to “my stuff” now.
  3. Now, You can “remove recordings” from “my stuff” by selecting the show you want to remove.
  4. Select my episode from the menu.
  5. On the thumbnail of the show, you want to remove, click on the three dots.
  6. Lastly, Make sure my episode is unchecked now.

Remove movies from my stuff.

  1. Go to “my stuff” in the Hulu app on your mobile device.
  2. Above the movie, tap the “three dots”.
  3. Lastly, To remove the movie recording from your Hulu app, tap on my stuff and unselect it.

Note: Please ensure that the recording is turned off. To do this, go to my stuff and select the show that you want to delete. Then select the recording option and turn it off. 

Using a PC

The Hulu app needs to be installed on your computer in order for you to be able to remove shows and movies from it. If you want to do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. On your computer, open the Hulu app.
  2. Go to “my stuff” now.
  3. Select the show that you would like to remove from my stuff by hovering over it.
  4. Next, click the “-” icon next to the thumbnail of the content.
  5. On your screen, click on the “remove button”.
  6. To confirm the removal of content from my stuff, click “yes”.

You can easily remove a show from your Hulu saved stuff by following these steps. If you still can’t remove shows on your Hulu saved stuff, you should contact the Hulu team and ask them to remove the shows. 


As many other users have experienced, being unable to delete recorded shows from HULU Cloud DVR can undoubtedly lead to a bad experience with their service.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above guide. I hope you found it useful.

As a final note, you can easily delete the recorded shows on HULU Live Cloud DVR by going to the “California Privacy Policy” section in the Privacy Settings section on your HULU account, where you’ll find options like “Watch History”, “My Stuff”, and “Cloud DVR”.

After selecting “My Stuff & Cloud DVR” and confirming the section, your recorded shows and other content will be deleted.


How do you get rid of recordings on Hulu?

In the Recorded Titles section, click on the icon next to the title(s) you want to delete (if you select an entire series, it will remove all episodes at once) > click Remove. 

Why can’t I delete a show from my DVR?

Due to Hulu’s Unlimited DVR rollout, managing Cloud DVR has been glitched which leads to this issue by which Hulu users unable to delete the recorded content from their Cloud DVR.

How do I permanently remove shows from my stuff on Hulu?

To delete content from My Stuff, navigate to My Stuff and click on the upper left corner of the show/movie/sports tile. Click Remove and confirm. 

How do you stop future recordings on Hulu?’

You can turn off the recording in Hulu by clicking on the three vertical dots, then clicking ‘Recording Options.’ Click ‘Cancel Recording,’ then click ‘Save.’

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