How To Reset Hisense Smart TV? (Old & New) With or Without Remote!

How can I reset Hisense smart tv? As a matter of fact, there are a number of reasons why you would need to reset Hisense smart TV, like if it starts behaving abnormally or in a situation like that.

In this guide, you will find out how to reset Hisense Smart TV Old and New Models, I have covered both.

The Hisense Smart TV is quite different from other TV brands on the market due to its incorporation of intuitive, smart features all at a very budget price. However, there are some situations that can happen with all electronics and the same goes with Hisense Smart TV.

Because of the new interface, the resetting of Hisense TVs is different for the newer models than the older models.

Here’s how you can Factory Reset Hisense Smart TV:

  1. Reset Old Hisense TV (2014 or before)
  2. Reset New Hisense TV (After 2014 Models)
  3. Reset Hisense Smart TV without Remote
Hisense Smart TV Reset with or without remote

How To Reset Old Hisense Smart TV?

If you own a Hisense Smart TV from a few years ago, you may have been experiencing difficulties when playing videos. While the TV is powered on, a grey screen appears and you can’t perform any action.

This is a very common problem with some old models of the TV set and if it happens to your model too, doing a Hard Reset to Factory Settings is a solution to fix this issue before buying a new TV. 

Here are the steps to Factory Reset your Older Model Hisense TV:

  • First, turn on your Hisense TV and from your remote, hold the ‘EXIT’ key for at least 15 seconds
  • You will see the Hisense TV factory service menu after 15 seconds
  • Lastly, Turn off the TV by clicking ‘OK’

It is advisable to wait for 20 seconds after resetting your Smart TV before turning it on. This technique only works with 2013-14 and older models.

How To Factory Reset New Hisense Smart TV (2014+ Models)?

The newer models of Hisense TVs are not equipped with a reset button. So, Unless you have a genuine Hisense remote control, you can’t reset the TV (new models 2014+).

While generic remote controls can do most other functions seamlessly, resetting requires a special remote.

Steps to Factory Reset the Hisense Smart TV (Newer Models):

  • Navigate to Menu, To access the menu, press the “MENU” button on Hisense Smart TV.
  • Press the “Select” or “OK” button to select “Support.”
  • Press “OK” to start the self-diagnosis.
  • Now, Select the “Reset” option.
  • You will need to enter the security PIN to confirm (default pin “0000”).
  • Your Hisense Smart TV will then be restored to factory settings.

Note: If you have changed the default PIN with a new one and cannot remember it, it is recommended that you contact the Hisense Smart TV representative to get the PIN.

How To Reset Any Hisense Smart TV Without Remote (Soft Reset)?

Black screen on the TV and need to reset it, Actually, Hisense Smart TVs not showing any display cannot be reset using a remote. But a soft reboot can be performed using the power cord.

Here’s how to reset Hisense TV without a Remote Control:

  • Disconnect all external hard drives and USB cables
  • After turning off your Hisense Smart TV, unplug the power cord.
  • Wait two to three minutes before plugging the TV back in
  • Now turn it back on.

Although soft resetting fixes system bugs, for major issues the Hard Factory Reset is needed eventually.

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Wrapping Up

In this guide, I have been able to outline the steps that you will need to follow, in order to effectively reset your Hisense smart TV. Also, you can get a Generic Remote if you do not have the original remote by any means and the steps will work the same on that as well.

The aforementioned methods should be carried out by any user whether that individual is tech-savvy or not.

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