How To Log Out Prime Video On Vizio TV? Deregister Or Signout!!

You may have logged in to your Amazon Prime Video account on a Vizio Smart TV that you are no longer going to use or perhaps you are in a hotel and you registered to stream Prime Video on it and wish to de-register it?

Deregistering, delinking, logging out or simply signout are all similar in some ways, although they have different backend workings.

Therefore, if you wish to log out of your Prime Video on Vizio TV, ensure you do not want to deregister or de-link your account on Vizio TV.

Logging out and signing out will only get you out, while your saved settings and data will still remain on the Vizio TV, while Deregistering, Removing, or De-linking Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV will remove the account and saved settings from Vizio TV and make it like new.

Nevertheless, I’ve explained how to deregister Prime Video from Vizio TV as well as sign out of it through the Vizio Smart TV.

In any case, you must ensure that it is not a Vizio TV that you are currently logged into your Prime Video account and that it is either a common TV like in a hotel room or at a friend’s place.

Because simply signing out will not remove the settings or account from the Vizio TV.

How To Sign Out Amazon Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio TV users can log out from Amazon Prime Video in two ways. The first is to go directly to the Prime Video App on their TV and select the Sign-out option. The second is to go to the Amazon Prime Video Official Website and remove the device.

Log out Prime Video from Vizio TV (TV App Method)

  1. Open the Prime Video App on your Vizio TV
  2. Navigate to the settings page in Prime Video
  3. After that, select Deregister or sign out

Using this method, you can directly log out of your Prime Video account from Vizio Smart TV.

If you have left the place or do not have access to the TV at the moment then you can do the same from the official Amazon Prime Video website.

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Deregistering Amazon Prime Video from Vizio TV (Website Method)

Without using a TV, this means that we will not open the Amazon Prime Video App on a TV and we will not do anything on a TV. Instead, we will do it from the official website of Amazon Prime Video.

Steps to signout Prime Video Vizio TV account online:

  1. Visit the official Amazon Prime Video website from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  2. After that, sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account
  3. Under Registered Devices, locate your Vizio TV name and click Deregister next to it.

That’s it, now your Prime Video account has been deregistered from the Vizio TV Prime Video App and the device no longer has access to Prime Video account information.

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In case you are wondering whether signing out and deregistering is the same thing, no, they are not. When you sign out or log out from the Prime Video App, your saved data and settings remain on the device, whereas when you deregister from it, it removes them completely.

On Prime Video, is Signing out and Deregistering the same thing?

When you sign out or log out from Prime Video, your settings and your device will still be registered on the account. However, deregistering your device from Prime Video Account will remove the device and the stored data will also be removed.

Can I remove my Amazon Prime Video Account from Vizio TV without accessing TV?

Yes, The Amazon Prime Video website offers the ability to delink or deregister any associated device. To do so, go to the Account & Settings page.

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