How To Get Amazon Prime Video On Older Vizio TV? 3 Quick Ways!!

You might be wondering whether you can watch Amazon Prime Video on Older Vizio TV models. I had an Old Vizio TV and I will show you how I installed Prime Video on It and how to watch it on Vizio Smart TV without Smartcast.

One of my friends had an extremely old Vizio TV without Smartcast, and he was wondering if he could make it a bit smarter by installing Amazon Prime Video and watching it. Luckily his TV wasn’t on the list where Amazon Prime Video was discontinued from Vizio.

Due to being fairly old and not having Smartcast, he was having trouble installing Amazon Prime Video. I explained to him the way which I had already tried and he was able to install Amazon Prime on his Vizio Smart TV.

On older Vizio TVs, you can manually download and install the Amazon Prime Video App using the Sideloading method via a USB storage device, which allows you to easily access Prime Video content.

As an alternative option, if you wish to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Older Vizio TV without Smartcast or if you are experiencing issues using it, you can directly Mirror or Cast Amazon Prime Video on it using your mobile or tablet.

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Install Prime video on Old Vizio TV Model
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How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Older Vizio TVs?

Prime Video does not come preinstalled on older Vizio TVs, which means you have to install it manually.

  1. First, Use your remote to access the apps menu by pressing the “V” button
  2. Search for Prime Video and then select it from the list
  3. After you click ok, hold it until the installation is complete
  4. After the Prime Video has been installed, select Open to access it

Those are the steps to install it on Older Vizio Models, although, if you don’t have a remote and would like to download and install it without using the V button or from the official App Store, I have explained the sideloading method below.

Download sideload prime video on older Vizio TV
Download Via Sideloading

Download And Install Amazon Prime Video On Vizio Using Sideloading Method

Although it is possible to download and install the Amazon Prime Video on the Vizio TV with the official App Store, there are still many users who would like it manually, despite the fact that there was no difficulty in doing so.

In order to download and install Amazon Prime Video on the older Vizio TV models, I used the Sideloading Method. Be careful not to miss any of the steps and follow them exactly. You will be able to access Amazon Prime Video easily after that.

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings menu of your Vizio smart TV.
  2. Then go to Security & Restrictions.
  3. Now, you need to find Unknown Sources and turn it on.
  4. On your computer or desktop, download the Amazon Prime Video latest version APK and copy the APK files into your USB storage device.
  5. Plug the USB drive into your smart TV.
  6. Install a file explorer on your Vizio TV, open it, and then find the Amazon Prime Video APK file.
  7. The last step is to select Install, then accept any prompts that appear

That’s all, On your Older Vizio TV, you can now access the Amazon Prime Video app by going to the Home screen or by going inside the Applications section.

As an alternative to this method, if you find it too complicated, though it’s not, then you can still cast your mobile device or tablet to your Vizio TV to view Amazon Prime Video.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Video on Old Vizio Smart TV?

Another way to watch Prime Video on Older Vizio TV is through casting.

Steps to cast Prime Video To Older Vizio Smart TV

  1. First, The phone and TV must be connected to the same internet (wifi) network
  2. On your smartphone, open Prime Video
  3. Play the video now on your mobile or tablet
  4. Now, To cast the video, tap the Chromecast icon on the video playing screen
  5. That’s all, now, All you have to do is choose your Vizio TV name

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Wrapping Up

That’s how you can download, install, and watch Amazon Prime on the older Vizio models, without a V button, and without Smartcast. Although all the above steps are pretty straightforward, you can contact me if you encounter any issues.

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