How To Add & Watch Disney Plus On Older Vizio TV Without Smartcast?

You might be wondering how to get Disney Plus on older Vizio TV models. As Disney Plus is available only for Vizio TVs that have the Smartcast feature, it becomes difficult to Add the Disney Plus app on older models.

In this fast-paced streaming era, there are multiple ways to get things done. I will explain how you can add and watch Disney Plus on your older Vizio TV that does not have Smartcast.

If you have an old Vizio TV model, you can stream Disney Plus by sideloading it via USB or using any third-party streaming device.

In the guide below, I will detail both methods step by step so that you can decide which method is best for your television, and you will be able to enjoy Disney+ on your older Vizio models as well.

In the first method, you will see how I got Disney Plus by sideloading it on older Vizio TV models; in the second method, you will need an extra streaming device, which I think is completely worthwhile.

How To Get and Watch Disney Plus on Older Vizio TV without Smartcast?

It is true that older Vizio models from before 2016 do not come with the Disney Plus app, nor will they let you install it from an app store. But that does not mean you cannot stream Disney Plus on them.

As per Disney Plus official website, the only supported Vizio TV Models are listed on their website.

How to download and install Disney plus on Older Vizio TVs
Adding Disney Plus Using Sideloading On Older Vizio TV

Add Disney Plus On Older Vizio Smart TV Using Sideloading Method

Older Vizio TV models also run on the Android-Based OS. You can Get the Disney Plus App manually Via Sideloading the Disney+ APK file and Installing it.

Make sure you have enabled the third-party App installation and if you wish to know the complete way you can check our guide on Installing Third-Party Apps on Vizio Smart TV.

Steps To Add and Install Disney Plus On Older Vizio TV Models (Before 2016)

  1. First, go to the Settings menu of your Vizio smart TV
  2. Navigate to Security & Restrictions after that
  3. Find Unknown Sources and make sure it is enabled
  4. Download the Disney Plus APK file and after that, you will need to copy the Disney APK to the USB flash drive
  5. You can now connect the USB drive to the smart TV
  6. Now, you have to open the File Explorer in either ES or Downloader
  7. Browse where you have placed the Disney Plus Apk file on File Manager
  8. Finally, select Install Disney Plus and accept any prompts that appear on your Vizio Smart TV

In this way, you can download and install Disney Plus on an old Vizio TV that does not have Smartcast capabilities.

Watch Disney Plus on Old Vizio Smart TV using Streaming devices
Using Streaming Devices

Watch Disney Plus on Older Vizio TV Model Using Streaming Devices

After I tested the Sideloading method and streamed through it, I found it sometimes laggy, but overall the experience was good.

Another way to stream Disney Plus on your Older Vizio TV Model without Smartcast is by connecting any streaming device such as a Firestick, Chromecast, or Google TV Stick.

Steps To Watch Disney Plus On Older Vizio Smart TV Models

  1. First, You will need to connect your streaming device to your smart TV.
  2. Then, press the Input button on your TV remote.
  3. Then, you can download Disney Plus from your streaming device’s App Store and stream it on your Vizio TV.

Other Way To Watch Disney Plus On Older Vizio TV Models Without Smartcast

In closing, you may already know this but it’s a valid option to watch Disney Plus on your Old Vizio TV without Smartcast by casting/mirroring Disney+ from your mobile device, tablet, or other devices.


These are the methods by which you can add, install, and access Disney Plus on your older Vizio TV models. As there are three major methods which I described above, I also tried a couple of other ways but they were not worth mentioning.

I believe getting a Streaming Device is worth every penny and is still the best option in my opinion for easily accessing Disney Plus on Vizio Smart TV without using Smartcast. If you have found another way to access Disney Plus on Vizio Smart TV without using Smartcast, please let me know so that it can be shared with others.

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