Hisense TV No Picture But Sound Coming Issue Quick Way To Fix!!

Hisense TVs are known for having a weird issue in which you get the sound but no picture or black screen. The good news is that it’s very unlikely that it’s a hardware issue since it happens due to low power storage or a conflict within the settings.

After researching the issue, contacting Hisense Support, and plowing through numerous Forums, I eventually figured it out myself and was so happy to find out that it is not a Hardware issue.

Throughout this guide, I’ll explain what causes the screen to go black and what to do if the sound is still on your Hisense TV. In almost all cases, when people reported it, only a few cases involved a hardware issue but the rest and mine were easy to fix.

In case when your Hisense Smart TV screen shows No Picture but Sound, the problem is usually caused by low power from a malfunctioning power cord or internal settings, which can be resolved by performing a soft reset and plugging the power cord in another socket.

So without further ado let’s move on to the main troubleshooting steps and you need to follow them one by one in the exact same order as I’ve outlined it in order to get this fixed in one go.

How to Fix Hisense TV Black Screen, No Picture but Sound Issue?

Basically, when this problem occurs, your TV will turn completely black. There will be no background picture, but you can still hear what’s playing even when changing channels.

To fix this, the easiest and quickest way is to switch back and forth between Hisense TV inputs.

Despite the fact that this is a temporary fix that only prevents it for a while, it will return again. So in order to reach the root cause and fix it in a way that it won’t happen again, you need to follow the below steps carefully one by one.

Method to Fix No Picture but Sound issue on Hisense Smart TV:

  1. Soft Reset Hisense Smart TV
  2. Replace Power Cord and Power Input Source
Soft Reset To Fix Hisense TV Black Screen No Picture
Soft Reset

Fix Hisense Black Screen Issue with Soft Reset

With this method, the TV remote will be used to do a Soft Reset of its Main Board, which will restore the temporary settings to factory defaults without affecting your Main TV settings or apps.

You may wonder how we can execute the action correctly or enter the correct key in the absence of a screen.

It’s not complex and you can do it easily after trying a couple of times. Just make sure you place the Hisense Roku TVs Remote directly in front of your TV panel and that there are no obstacles between it and the TV.

After that follow the below steps and perform it in exactly the same order.

  1. To begin, press the home button five times on your Roku remote.
  2. After that, press the up button once.
  3. Now press the rewind button two times.
  4. Lastly, press the fast forward button two times.

If you follow these steps, your Hisense Roku TV will restart once, then you will be able to use it just like before and the Black Screen With Sound problem will be solved.


Remind yourself again that you need to press the keys on your Remote in order, not in any other order.

Although this happens rarely still I wish to inform you that, As soon as the Black Screen with No Picture but Sound issue has been resolved on your Hisense TV, you might notice inaccurate picture settings which can be easily rectified or changed by navigating to the Hisense TV settings section and changing the Picture settings.

Change Power Input to Fix Black Screen No Picture but sound Hisense TV
Change Power Input Source

Replace The Power Cord and Hisense TV Input Source

The Black Screen with no Picture and Audible Sound that occurs on your Hisense TV can also occur when the power it needs to function properly does not reach its mainboard.

In that case and when this happens, start by checking the main power source, cable endpoints, cleaning them up, and then switching the power source if necessary. Last but not least, replace the power cable with a new one if anything is wrong with it.

Following is the correct order in which these steps need to be completed.

  1. Ensure that the power cord from your Hisense TV is connected properly and is not loose at both ends.
  2. Check the source of Power Input and switch it to another one.
  3. Finally, after verifying that the whole power cable is in good condition and the input source has been changed, re-plug the cables by keeping the TV off for 4-5 minutes.

When you follow these steps along with the Soft Reset I showed you above, you will fix the Sound but No Picture Issue on your Hisense Smart TV and you will be able to use it like before.

Also in place of the Soft Reset, you can perform the Hard Reset and Restore your Hisense TVs settings to Factory Default as that also has been reported working with multiple users.

Furthermore, if your Hisense TV doesn’t have any Hardware Issue then only these two brief steps when performed correctly will solve the Black Screen Issue.

However, if none of the above fix the issue then we can’t rule out the possibility of a faulty T-Con or power Board.

When that occurs, contacting Hisense TV Support and providing them with the complete scenario with the above-described steps may help them determine where the Fault lies and they may recommend visiting the nearest service center.

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The problem of Hisense TV No Picture But Sound is not serious, and I am confident that once you have followed the steps in the guide, you will be able to get this resolved and can resume streaming.

In addition, StreamingStash’s comment section and contact page are always open, so please leave any concerns or tips in the comments section below.

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