HBO Max “Unhandled Exception Error” Can’t Login? Quick Fix!

Are you getting “Unhandled Exception” while trying to login to HBO Max on any device, whether it be your mobile phone, smart TV, Fire TV, or app you are getting “can’t sign in unhandled exception”?

It is very annoying when we enter correct login credentials and still cannot sign and keep getting “Unhandled Exception Error”.

Despite the fact that these errors shouldn’t occur at all, there is an unfortunate fact that these errors are quite common in subscription-based streaming apps and can be easily fixed.

When the HBO Max server and client (Your device) cannot validate the credentials on a secure established connection, HBO Max throws an Unhandled Exception Error.

I experienced it when I took a subscription from Youtube TV (YTTV) because I used to watch HBO Max shows directly on YouTube TV.

I contacted HBO Max support but they weren’t able to solve it, so that is when I researched how to solve it and why this is happening.

In addition to users with YouTube TV subscriptions reporting the HBO Max sign-in problem, there were many users with ATT, Verizon, FIOS, and other providers who included HBO Max in their packages reporting the same issue.

HBO Max (Image Credit: HBO Max)

You will learn why this occurs and how to resolve it. I have provided you with a variety of options, each of which can work, so be sure to follow them all closely.

Why Are You Getting an Unhandled Exception While Trying To Login To HBO Max?

As a result of the HBO Max unhandled exception error, you cannot sign in on your phone, tablet, WiFi, or LTE data.

I spoke with HBO Max support, but they were unaware of it and just told me to try to log in again after a while.

Since I had previous experience identifying the root cause, I solved the problem fairly quickly as I discovered that the authentication details were not getting validated by the HBO Max server and that the Unhandled Exception didn’t occur due to incorrect login information.

Using correct login credentials will rule out the incorrect credentials, so either the corrupt cache or cookies data or a temporary glitch leads to this error.

Possible causes for HBO Max Unhandled Exception Error:

  • Temporary Glitch
  • Corrupt Cookies
  • Third-Party Sign In Conflict
  • Provider Login Conflict

The provider’s end of the problem is fairly rare, and it rarely happens as long as you are using the correct credentials.

Since now we know about the potential causes for this, as well as having trouble logging into our HBO Max accounts, let’s move forward to the quick fixes in order to get us back to streaming.

How to Fix HBO Max Unhandled Exception Error?

In order to fix this error, we just need to make sure our devices are connected to the internet, have the correct login credentials, and do not have HBO Max app data stored on them.

HBO Max Troubleshooting
Fixing HBO Max

Basically, clearing the cache, cookies and other information on our device can fix the HBO Max Handled Exception error during login.

So what should you do when the HBO Max app gives an “Unhandled Exception Error” while login?

  1. Turn Off Device and Login Again
  2. Clear Cookies and Cache
  3. Change Login Email Address
  4. Reinstall HBO Max
  5. Reset Device

Turn Off Device and Login Again

Sometimes, when we encounter internet dropout issues, the data that gets uploaded, downloaded, and stored on our devices doesn’t get fully saved, resulting in authentication errors and preventing us from logging in.

Hence, we need to perform a soft reset of our device by doing a proper power cycle, since that will clear any temporary data that might have been stored on it inadvertently.

  1. Turn Off the Device.
  2. Wait for 4-5 minutes before powering up.
  3. Turn on again and try to log in again.

If it’s occurring due to the reasons above, a power cycle can resolve it. If the error still persists, continue with the steps below.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Doing a soft reset won’t always solve the problem, as a power cycle only clears the temporary data on the device, not the installed applications.

HBO Max Mobile
HBO Max (Image Credit: El Passion)

Since corrupted cache and cookies are the primary cause of this Unhandled Exception error on our devices when we try to log in, clearing cache, cookies, and other stored data of HBO Max or device can solve the issue.

Depending on whether you are having this issue on your mobile (android or iOS), smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc., your cookie and cache clearing steps will differ.

Steps to Clear HBO Max or Device Cache & Cookies:

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Select (Privacy, stored data, data management, etc) depending on your device.
  3. Choose “Clear Stored Data”

Quick Tip: If you are facing this on your iOS devices, navigate to Settings>Safari>Clear History or safari settings > advanced > website data > delete and data.

After you have cleared your cache and cookies, you can restart your device and then try logging into HBO Max again.

While most of the time following these steps will resolve the issue if you still get this error after following the steps above proceed with the next steps.

Change Login Email Address

If you receive an “Unhandled Exception Error” while logging into HBO Max on certain devices, but can log in on other devices, this step will fix the issue.

In order to resolve the issue, you first need to try logging in on other devices like a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or smart TV whichever is available.

Make sure you also try logging in using your Wifi connection as well as your mobile data connection.

Then, once you’ve successfully logged in, navigate to your HBO Max profile section and update your email address and password.

Once that is done, you will be able to login to the device that you were experiencing this error on with the new email address and password you just changed.

Reinstall HBO Max

If the error persists despite following all the above steps, you may need to reinstall the app.

By reinstalling the HBO Max app, all its stored data is cleared that could be conflicting while you are attempting to log in, and it is possible that it will get sorted out and you will be able to log in.

Reset Device

If reinstalling the app does not fix it and you are getting the issue on a specific device, then you need to reset the device to its default settings. This will restore it like new and you will be able to log in once again.

This is very rare and there is a very high chance that you won’t need to select this step, but if all the above steps are followed correctly and nothing is missed, then the factory default settings are the only option left.

Wrapping It Up

I know that encountering the Unhandled Exception error while trying to log in to the HBO Max app constantly is irritating, but I hope that with the help of the above steps, you can get this fixed on your device.

In a nutshell, the HBO Max unhandled exception error when signing in occurs as a result of an authentication conflict between your device and HBO Max servers. To resolve this, you should follow the steps below.

  • Power Cycle your Device
  • Clear Cache, Cookies, and other stored data.
  • Try to log in on another device and change your email address.
  • Reinstall the HBO Max App
  • Hard Reset the device.

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