HBO Max Not Working on Xfinity, Black Screen Issues? [Solved]

Is HBO Max not working on your Xfinity Box? When you play videos, the screen turns black and returns to the Home Menu?

Well, having spent some time watching your favorite show and meeting with this issue is certainly not what you expected, but the good news is you can quickly fix it by yourself by following a few steps.

When I tried streaming HBO Max through Xfinity, no matter what show I chose, it kept returning to the home screen after the loading screen. If HBO Max is not working properly on your Xfinity, I will help to resolve it for you.

As an avid binge-watcher and one who loves discovering the ins and outs of streaming apps and services, I know that all streaming services and applications are vulnerable to such minor issues, which can annoy us but are easy to fix.

When HBO Max keeps going home after a black screen on your Xfinity service, the culprit is a glitch in the saved data of the application, and in order to fix it, you will need to clear the cache and cookies on the application.

It is possible that following the above steps will not always resolve the HBO Max issue on Xfinity, and that is why I have provided you with this step-by-step guide that will help you to resolve it.

Why HBO Max Not Working on Xfinity?

Due to the corrupted stored data in the HBO Max app, weak internet connection, and outdated software on your TV, the HBO Max app will not work properly on Xfinity.

Below are some of the most common issues HBO Max Xfinity users face while streaming:

  • Constant loading buffering
  • HBO Max keeps going to Home Menu
  • Black Screen

These issues have a common root cause, and you need to follow the following steps to resolve them.

How To Fix HBO Max App Not Working Issue on Xfinity?

If the internal application data is conflicted or corrupted, you may have a problem. Streaming apps store the static data in order to function quickly, but sometimes the data becomes conflicted, causing them to behave strangely.

HBO Max App on Xfinity App does not work, and when selecting an item for viewing, the screen goes blank and then reloads with the HBO Max homepage.

In light of the fact, there are a couple of common fixes for whatever issue you are experiencing with HBO Max on Xfinity, I have outlined the steps below in such a way that you will be able to identify the root cause and fix it as well.

Steps to Fix HBO Max app Issue on Xfinity:

  • Power Cycle Internet connection and Device
  • Clear the Cache and Cookies
  • Reinstall App

Reboot your Internet and Device

Most often the issue is not caused by a major problem as we think, and it might just be a minor glitch in your internet WiFi or the device you used to stream HBO Max, whether it was your Smart TV, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, PC, or mobile device.

Performing a proper power cycle on your Wifi and Device should fix the issue in that case, and before jumping straight onto further steps, it’s important to try it as there is a chance you won’t have to follow further steps.

  1. Remove the power cable of your device and wifi router.
  2. Wait for 3-5 minutes .
  3. Ater that plug the cable back and turn on the devices.
  4. Launch the HBO Max app and check if you are able to stream.

Clear the Cache and Cookies

If the power cycle didn’t resolve the issue, then you need to remove the stored data from the Xfinity App as this will remove any corrupted data that may be causing the glitch.

It is recommended by the Xfinity support team as well, and below is an official response from Xfinity on Twitter when a user went through the same issue.

Xfinity Twitter on HBO Max Issue
Xfinity Twitter on HBO Max Issue (Source: Twitter)

Note: Make sure you log out from the HBO Max app before attempting these steps so changes can take effect quickly.

Clearing Xfinity X1 or F Cache and Cookies:

  1. You should first sign out of HBO Max on your X1 or Flex
  2. After that, You need to press the Xfinity button
  3. Navigate to the settings icon (the gear icon)
  4. Select Privacy
  5. Now, delete all cookies and local storage data

The above steps will fix the issue when HBO Max fails to work on your Xfinity X1 or F.

Xfinity Forum support on HBO Max issue
Xfinity Forum

Note: It has been reported that some users cannot sign out of HBO Max because the screen goes black and throws them back to their home screen. In that case, you can perform a power cycle and try again or you can clear your cache and cookies straight away.

Reinstall the HBO Max App

In the event that rebooting your Xfinity system and clearing stored data does not fix the HBO max app issue, it is possible that the internal settings are conflicted in such a way that resetting and clearing the cache will not work, and in that case, we will have to reinstall the app.

After you delete the HBO max app and reinstall it, you will need to log in again with your credentials, and you will be able to stream normally and won’t face any issues.

Wrapping It Up

In most cases, these issues are quite common, but can often be fixed if you clear your cache and cookies. The Xfinity Forum also suggests clearing these items. Hopefully, this guide will help you fix the HBO Max App issue on your Xfinity.

To quickly wrap it up, here’s what you need to do when you face any issue on Xfinity HBO Max:

  • Power Cycle Router Wifi and Device
  • Clear Cache and Cookies on Xfinity
  • Reinstall the HBO Max App and Relogin
  • Always keep the device software and apps updated

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