HBO Max “Download Limit Reached” Error [Quick Fix]

Are you watching HBO Max and seeing the “Download Limit Reached! To download the title, delete one of your downloads.” message?

Well, if you have encountered this error message despite not having downloaded any content on your HBO Max app, you are not alone, it has been reported by a number of users.

I encountered this a while ago, but I was curious as to how it could have happened. Although the message clearly states that I have reached my download limit, when I checked on my device there were no downloads.

The HBO support was not able to get it sorted and after waiting for several hours, I was told that I would have to reinstall the app and re-login. That didn’t resolve the problem either.

Eventually, I found out that there is something that is triggering the HBO Max servers, and they are detecting that I have downloaded the content and my account limit has been reached. If it’s not a temporary glitch, which it was not since I was constantly getting this error message.

“HBO Max download limit is reached”, a message appears when more content has been downloaded than the limit on one or more of the devices that are linked to our HBO Max account.

In order to get it sorted, We need to check each device where we have used our HBO Max account and then manually delete the content on it or unlink those devices.

In some cases, doing the above steps won’t fix the problem, and if so, there might be some minor glitch or other problem which triggers it, and in this guide, I have covered how to fix it.

Why am I getting the Download Limit Reached on my HBO Max App?

This message clearly indicates that it appears only when our account has reached its limit and we are unable to download new content until the previous one is deleted.

It appears to be an issue when we have already verified that no content has been downloaded to the HBO Max library, but are still seeing this error message.

Regardless of the device, we are using to watch HBO Max, it has been reported on almost all of them, whether it is a Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Apple TV, or any other Smart TV.

HBO Max Profiles
HBO Max Profiles

According to HBO Max support, this error occurs when our account has downloaded content that exceeds the allocated size which depends on the subscription we have. The account refers to and includes all the devices we have logged in with HBO Max or linked to it.

How To Fix the HBO Max Download Limit Reached Error?

In order to resolve the problem, we need to clear our downloaded storage, so this includes any and all devices that have ever been linked to our HBO Max account or that are still logged in.

It appears mostly on Android and the HBO Max app on Android keeps giving the message “Download Limit Reached! To download the title, delete one of your downloads.” regardless of whether we have any downloads.

Here’s a discussion between a user and HBO Support on Twitter and the suggested fix from them about it.

HBO Max support on Download Limit Reached issue
HBO Max Support (Credit: Twitter HBO Max)

However, after following the error and trying to delete a download, it shows a page that says “You do not have any downloads. Click here to search titles and download videos.”

Several steps I took to resolve the problem on my account are listed below, and it works for all HBO Max devices, whether they are iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, PC, or Smart TVs.

  1. To begin, log in to your HBO Max account from your PC
  2. Navigate to the “Accounts” section
  3. Find the option of “linked accounts” or “devices”
  4. Remove any other devices where HBO Max isn’t installed or being used
  5. Make a list of all other devices
  6. Now, individually, log into each of these devices with your HBO Max account
  7. Finally, delete the downloaded content from them and log out

Once you have followed and completed the above steps, wait for a few minutes and log out of the device on which you are receiving “Download limit reached” notifications, and login again after a few minutes.

After you have completed that, you will no longer see the Download limit reached message when you try to download any content and you will be able to watch and download it normally again.

Quick Tip: In case the error persists despite following the above steps, it is best to wait for a few minutes or re-install the app to allow the cached information to be refreshed.

Note: You can contact HBO Max support if you cannot delete or unlink all connected devices. It will take some time but they will reset your account, so you can download HBO Max content again.

Wrapping It Up

Not being able to download HBO Max content to stream later without internet access is quite an unpleasant experience, especially when we do not have any downloaded content or are unaware of it.

The above guide sums up all the steps that need to be followed in order to resolve the “Download limit reached” error with HBO Max and your issue of not being able to download shows or videos will be resolved.

Whenever you face an error you can contact HBO Max support. If you are experiencing difficulty with the above steps you can inform me below in the comments.

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