[Quick Fix] HBO Max Chromecast Not Working? Subtitles, Sound Issue

Have you been experiencing trouble with HBO Max Chromecast? Have you tried playing anything, not being able to hear the sound, or not seeing subtitles?

Chromecasting HBO Max on devices that support casting and on TVs that are Chromecast capable is something that we have always done and is quite useful.

HBO Max’s built-in cast feature lets you watch your favorite shows directly on your Chromecast devices.

With this, it’s easier to enjoy your favorite shows on a bigger screen if you’re watching them in the living room.

But, It is not unusual for Chromecast to encounter issues or the feature to stop working on your streaming device.

I recently tried Chromecast HBO Max from my phone. At first, it worked just fine, then the sound stopped, the captions stopped, then it was stuck on the purple screen of HBO Max. I was curious as to what was causing it to behave like that.

As I was fixing the issue, I checked numerous forums, social networks, and contacted HBO Max support, and I found out that subtitles, sound, being stuck on the loading screen, and not being able to play content are the most common issues that users have with HBO Max while Chromecasting it.

The following guide explains what causes it and how it can be quickly fixed.

Why Does the HBO Max Chromecast Not Work?

Most often, it is the result of minor issues with the HBO Max, the Chromecast device, or the smartphone or laptop that you are casting from.

HBO Max casting to Chromecast devices
Casting HBO Max (Image Credits: Streamable)

Upon exploring further about this issue, a user reported that it was actually the Bluetooth that was causing it to not cast HBO max from the mobile device to the TV, and when he turned it on on the phone, the issue went away.

It may seem odd, but if you are unaware, Google Chromecast works smoothly when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled and devices connected to the same WiFi network.

The following are the most common issues users have reported when using HBO Max and Chromecast

  • HBO Max won’t load
  • Can’t play title
  • Sound not working
  • Subtitles and captions not working

Basically, the reason for all of these issues is common, and I have listed several fixes through which you will be able to fix them and then be able to Chromecast HBO Max on your TV or other devices without any hassles.

How To Fix HBO Max Chromecast Issues?

You can solve the HBO Max Chromecasting problem by restarting both your streaming device and Chromecast. Alternatively, you can update the app you are trying to cast or install the latest version of your device’s software to correct the issue.

As a way to give you a deeper understanding of this issue, I have decided to create a thorough guide on how to fix HBO Max on your Chromecast if it isn’t working.

Fixing HBO Max not Chromecasting from Mobile / Tablet to TV

When I faced this issue and was not able to Cast HBO Max on Chromecast, At first the problem appeared to be with the iPhone, so I tried connecting with my tablet. It worked, but then I realized my tablet had Bluetooth turned on.

Having turned on Bluetooth on my iPhone, it still didn’t connect. I remember that you need both WiFi and Bluetooth to access Chromecast devices.

Additionally, I had to give HBO Max permission to access Bluetooth in settings.

If you’re having problems casting HBO Max to Chromecast devices from your phone, tablet, or laptop, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled and Chromecast is connected to the same wifi network
  2. For iPhone:
  3. Click on setting > scroll down to HBO Max > then click on Bluetooth and local provider
  4. For Android:
  5. Go to Settings > Apps > HBO MAX > Permissions> Give Permissions
  6. After that try to connect and you won’t face issues.

Subtitles Are Not Working on HBO Max app in Chromecast?

HBO Max subtitles will not appear on Chromecast devices while casting if the app is outdated or the subtitles have been disabled manually.

If the app is outdated or the subtitles have been disabled manually, you can check for updates and enable the closed caption manually.

Steps to enable Subtitles on HBO Max App:

  1. Launch HBO Max and watch some videos.
  2. CC Symbol will appear. Press down again, hit enter.
  3. From there, you can turn it on or off.
  4. After this, you will be able to get subtitles on chromecast devices.

Regardless of whether you have subtitles enabled on the master page under your profile, you need to turn them on/off this way.

Sound Not Playing HBO Max on Chromecast?

While this rarely happens, if that happens and while casting HBO Max app does not hear sound on Chromecast devices, make sure you first check your audio settings on both devices and if they are fine, you will have to manually clear HBO Max app data.

Steps to Clear HBO Max App Cache Data:

  1. From the Chromecast menu, select Settings
  2. Click on Apps, then select HBO Max
  3. Remove cache and clear data

Upon clearing the App cache data, you must manually log into the app by entering your credentials.

Wrapping Up

It is not uncommon for HBO Max to have issues while casting on Chromecast devices, but it can be easily fixed if you know where the issue is.

I hope the above guide will help you resolve the problem on your devices and you will be able to enjoy HBO Max casting again.

Basically, here is what you can do if your HBO Max app isn’t working with Chromecast devices or if sound, subtitles, or loading aren’t working for you.

  • Enable Bluetooth on your Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop
  • Connect both devices to same Wifi network
  • Clear App cache data
  • Update the App

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