HBO Max Chromecast No Sound? Quick Audio Fix!!

Are you having trouble getting sound with HBO Max Chromecast, sound works normally, but when you try to Chromecast HBO Max there is no sound?

Many users have reported that when they try to Chromecast HBO Max from their smartphones or when they use it on a Smart TV like Android or Google TV, the audio does not come through, but if they watch it directly through an app on a TV or any other device the sound comes through.

Well, no worries, because just like you, I have also experienced this issue, and in my case, it was the audio settings, but there are a couple of other reasons that can also cause no audio to appear while using Chromecast with HBO Max. I will help you to resolve the issue and explain why it occurs.

According to multiple HBO Max and Chromecast users, the main cause of no sound is either a glitchy app or an incorrect audio setting on your TV. The app needs to be updated and the audio settings should be changed to make sure it works properly.

Without further ado, let’s see why HBO Max no sound with Chromecast happens and how to resolve it.

Why is No Sound on HBO Max on Chromecast?

Whether you are trying to Chromecast HBO Max manually from your smartphone to a television, using Bluetooth headphones, or watching it on Google TV or any other Chromecast-enabled TV, the no sound issue is quite common.

Why HBO Max Chromecast No Audio

Users have reported that while Chromecast HBO Max is on TV, the sound comes through without any issues on TV but not on Bluetooth headphones connected to the TV, others have reported that they do not get audio via HDMI, ARC, or when using a soundbar or receiver.

If you’re wondering why and what the possible causes are and how to fix this, here are the possible reasons that there is no sound when streaming HBO Max on Chromecast:

  • Incorrect Audio Settings (Dolby) – Surround Sound.
  • Outdated App or temporary glitch leading to your Chromecast does not play the audio from any HBO Max video.
  • Faulty HDMI, ARC, or Optical Cable

In summary, these are the main reasons why HBO Max Chromecast does not play audio, but the good news is that we can fix them with a few steps. Now that we know what causes the issue, let’s move on to troubleshooting.

How To Fix HBO Max Chromecast No Sound?

To resolve the issue, you must understand when you get this and learn the cause so that you can save time and have it fixed quickly.

Chromecast HBO Max Sound Issue Fix

I outlined the steps by step process to save you time and stress, so here’s what you need to do:

  • Change Audio Settings
  • Clear App Cache and Stored Data
  • Switch HDMI or Optical Cables
  • Reinstall App and Establish Chromecast Connection again

Tweak Chromecast Audio Settings

It is worth mentioning that Dolby audio, surround sound work differently and that not every device and application works with Dolby, even if they state so.

Chromecast Advanced Audio Settings
Chromecast Advanced Audio Settings

You need to turn off the Dolby option for Chromecast.

In order to disable Dolby, you need to navigate to Chromecast Advanced Audio Settings and then turn it off.

Here’s how to disable the Dolby option on Chromecast:

  • Use the Google App to select the Chromecast device.
  • In the top right corner, select the settings gear.
  • You now need to locate and turn off Dolby Option from Advance Audio Settings.

In addition to disabling it, you can also switch the Audio source from Dolby to Stereo (AVC), doing this also resolved the no audio issue when casting HBO Max from Android smartphones to the 2nd Generation Chromecast.

Here’s how you can switch Chromecast Audio Source:

  • Select the Chromecast device in the Google Home app.
  • In the upper right corner, select the settings gear.
  • In the Device settings, scroll down to the Advanced Module.
  • Under Surround sound mode, select Auto-detect.
  • Select the “Stereo only” option from the pop-up menu, then press OK.
  • In Device settings, click the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • Finally, select Reboot.

In this way, the “Surround sound is enabled. To adjust volume, please use your television’s remote control.” message should be gone from your Chromecast.

If you use an audio device with a line-in option, the sound should be controlled normally.

Clear App Cache and Stored Data

There is a high likelihood that you can fix any audio issue you may be experiencing when using Chromecast with HBO Max by tweaking the audio settings like above.

However, if you still experience an issue, it is possible that the app settings are the cause and you must manually clear all stored data.

To clear the stored data of the HBO Max app, navigate to the settings, then applications, and select the HBO Max app.

Switch HDMI, ARC, Or Optical Cables

If you cannot hear audio over HDMI when using Chromecast with HBO Max, you must ensure that any external soundbar or audio receiver you may be using is correctly set up, and even if they are, you must unplug all the cables and reboot everything, including your TV.

As sometimes you might hear sound on other applications and while watching other videos, but still not hear audio on HBO Max due to the difference in audio codecs and settings and rebooting everything will clear any conflicts and sync the audio settings properly.

Reinstall HBO Max App and Establish Fresh Chromecast Connection

After you have followed all the above steps, you will need to reinstall HBO Max one more time manually.

The reason I suggest doing this is that reinstalling the app will remove all the old settings and install the latest updated version, which will rule out any old app conflicts.

Wrapping It Up

HBO Max not playing sound when using Chromecast is usually due to minor conflict in the audio settings, incorrect setup, or an outdated app. I hope that the above guide will be helpful in getting this issue resolved.

To summarize, Here’s what you should do if you encounter Chromecast HBO Max No Audio:

  • Inspect any external soundbar or audio connection set up is correct.
  • Tweak Audio settings (Turn Off Dolby and Switch Audio to Stereo).
  • Reinstall the HBO Max application.
  • Power cycle.

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