Funimation Videos Not Playing Or Loading? Real Quick Fix!!

Having trouble playing videos on Funimation? While watching a video, the Funimation player is not working. Have you tried different devices and browsers, but are still experiencing problems?

Due to the fact that Funimation has plenty of videos and content of more than 10,000 episodes and tv shows, we can’t leave it due to video playback issues, and that is why I have written this guide that will teach you why the video player isn’t working and how to fix it easily.

Funimation Player not working issues don’t affect devices, but rather browsers, so when you try to watch videos through your browser, whether it is Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, or any other browser you get a blank screen that won’t load.

The issue is caused by a browser conflict or having an active ad blocker, which blocks the request to Funimation servers resulting in a black screen, preventing the videos from loading.

Funimation Video Player Not Working Grayed
Funimation Video Player Not Working Grayed

These are the devices on which this issue has been reported and people are having trouble loading Funimation videos or showing gray Screen Player:

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

This guide is specifically written for users who have difficulty loading or playing Funimation videos on these browsers, by the end of this guide, you will know how to solve the problem yourself as well as prevent it from happening in the future.

Why Funimation Videos Not Loading?

On browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, etc., Funimation videos won’t load or give a black screen. The issue is directly related to the functionality and conflicts of the browser with stored data and blocking Funimation scripts.


As Funimation is a freemium streaming service, it has different plans such as Premium, Premium Plus, Ultra, but most of its users are on the freemium side. In order to keep the service free, Funimation shows ads so it can earn revenue.

Browsers have a lot of extensions to block third-party scripts and advertisements, so they are sometimes blocking the ads script of the Funimation website, resulting in the video player not working and showing the blank screen when the Funimation video player is broken.

This is not a major issue, but if you don’t know how to fix it or why it’s happening you might end up trying unnecessary fixes without success.

To fix the Funimation video player, I’ve listed the troubleshooting steps that need to be followed.

How To Fix Funimation Videos Not Playing Issue?

The Funimation videos won’t load or play if the video player has a conflict or your browser is blocking its functionality. To fix it, you should check your browser, remove the adblocker, and clear the stored data.

Fixing Anime

Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are the main browsers affected by this error, and although you can try the quick fix of opening a new private window and playing videos from there, that is not a permanent fix.

So here are the steps you should take in case you don’t see the Funimation videos playing, loading, or getting a blank screen on its video player.

  1. Check Funimation server status
  2. Restart Browser
  3. Turn Off Ad Blocker
  4. Clear Stored Data In Browser (Cache, Cookies, Storage etc.)
  5. Reboot Router

This comprehensive and step-by-step guide will explain how to resolve the Funimation videos loading issues by following the methods listed above.

Check Funimation Server Status

A majority of Funimation users watch videos on Funimation websites and it has a huge user base, sometimes the server has outages.

Whenever you experience a video playback issue on the Funimation website, you should always check the server status first and make sure they are operating normally before moving on to further troubleshooting.

You can check Funimation Server Status:

Via DownDetector

Official Funimation Server Status

Restart Browser

In some cases, the Funimation videos stop loading or you get a black screen on their video player due to a minor glitch with the browser, causing the temporary data to get conflicted and a simple restart of the browser will solve the problem.

  • First, Close each tab in your browser individually
  • After that close the Browser
  • Open the browser again and open Funimation after you have refreshed the system.

In the event that this does not resolve the issue, do not worry and proceed to the next step as we have to eliminate all possibilities one by one.

Turn Off Ad Blocker

Some browsers, such as Firefox and Edge, have prebuilt cookie and script blockers that block suspicious websites by default. Sometimes, these script blockers and ads blockers block the javascript on Funimation websites.

When they block the javascript and other scripts found on websites, the Funimation video players stop working and show a blank or black screen.

You should disable any ad blocker that is currently active on your browser as well as any script or cookie blocker in order to prevent it from blocking Funimation’s video player.

Start the browser again and open the Funimation website. You will find that the website is functioning better and the video player is playing videos properly once you do that.

  1. Turn Off Adblocker on Funimation Website
  2. Remove any Third Party Script Blocker from Browser
  3. Restart the Browser
  4. Visit Funimation website and Start playing videos

This is one of the major fixes that will allow you to fix the video player or video loading issue on the Funimation website across all browsers, whether they are Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Chrome.

Clear Stored Data In Browser (Cache, Cookies, Storage etc.)

Sometimes, even after turning off an ad blocker, you may still face problems watching videos on the Funimation video website and the reason for it is the stored data that is still present on your browser and needs to be manually removed.

If you go inside the browser settings and then the privacy section, you can manually delete the data stored for a website or the entire browser.

All three major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, follow the same steps and it can be done very easily.

Reboot Router

Occasionally, a glitch in your internet wifi connection or an ineffective wireless connection can result in this issue, and if you have followed all the above steps, you may also need to power cycle your router wifi.

When you perform a proper power cycle of your router, where you have to wait for 3-4 minutes before turning it back on, it soft resets the router’s internet configuration and your ISP assigns your router a new IP address.

Following that, the connection between your browser and Funimation server will be established correctly, so when you visit the Funimation website on your browser and watch any video, there will be no loading or blank screen issues.

Wrapping It Up

As an anime lover who uses Funimation regularly, I also know how it feels when the video player stops working and the videos stop loading, leaving you staring at a black screen.

Whenever I run into it, I follow the above simple steps and in a few moments the videos start loading and the Funimation site starts working flawlessly again.

In short, here’s why Funimation videos stop loading or video players get issues and what you need to do:

  • Check Funimation server status
  • Restart your Browser
  • Reboot the Router
  • Turn off any ad blocker for Funimation
  • Clear the cache and cookies on browser
  • Update the browser

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