Prime Video Not Working On PS5? Try These Fixes!

Prime Video Not Working On PS5

Have you been having problems watching Prime Video on your PlayStation 5? It’s okay, you’re not alone. I’ve dealt with this myself, and when I was trying to figure out what went wrong, I found multiple forums where others have complained about similar issues. Having your PS5 stop playing Prime Video can be really annoying, … Read more

Prime Video Picture Too Dark, 4K, HDR? Try This!!

Amazon Prime Video Too Dark

Are you finding it too dark to watch your favorite shows on Prime Video due to HDR or when playing the shows in 4K? In order to provide us with a cinematic experience, HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides us with bright highlights that are 1000 or more nits for every screen whereas SDR (Standard Dynamic … Read more

Prime Video Not Working On Xbox One X/S? Quick Fix!

Prime Video Not Working On Xbox One

When playing Amazon Prime Video on your Xbox One, does it show “something went wrong” or crash and return to the Xbox logo? There are several Xbox users who have reported the above-mentioned issue as well as the Green and Purple screen while playing Prime Video titles. If you are experiencing the same problem, you … Read more

Prime Video Pixelated Quality Issue? Try This Fix!!

Prime Video Pixelated Issue

Is your Prime video of low quality or looks pixelated and glitchy? Does it affect multiple devices, such as TVs, Xboxes, PlayStation 4, Firesticks, etc.? The first thing you have to know is that you are not alone, as a number of users have reported low pixelated quality on Prime Video on multiple devices, whereas … Read more

Prime Video Flickering, Flashing Green Screen? Real Fix!!

Amazon Prime Video Flickering

Are you experiencing flickering on your Amazon Prime Video screen? All of sudden the screen on your Prime Video started going green and flickering? Recently, I visited a friend’s place and we decided to do some watching on Prime Video, but things didn’t go smoothly as the screen started flashing, flickering and we were curious … Read more

Prime Video Subtitles Out Of Sync? Quick CC Fix!!

Prime Video Subtitles out of sync

Are your Prime Video subtitles out of sync, all of a sudden while watching shows on amazon prime video the closed captions are delayed or out of sync? The CC/Subtitles going either too fast or delayed is the most common issue that Prime Video users report across multiple devices, such as smart TVs like LG, … Read more

Prime Video Stuck On Loading Screen? Here’s Real Fix!!

Prime Video Stuck on loading screen

Can’t move past the loading circle or stuck on a loading screen when you launch Prime Video? The fact that your favorite show is only available through Prime Video and the app is stuck on a loading screen is undoubtedly a hassle, but you are not the only one who has experienced this. I myself … Read more

Amazon Prime Video Playback Renderer Error? 3 Quick Fixes!!

Prime Video Playback Renderer Error

Have you run into a “Playback Renderer Error” on Amazon Prime Video while streaming from a TV, mobile device, Firestick, or iOS device and have no idea how to resolve it? The Prime Video “Playback Renderer Error” is a common error being faced by numerous Prime Video subscribers. Regardless of the device on which you … Read more