How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39? Just 4 Quick Steps!!

This Disney Plus error code 39 message indicates that the streaming service wants a secure connection, and your streaming setup is unable to provide it. There may be an issue with your Disney Plus app, your streaming device, your HDMI cable, or even your television.

If you’ve encountered Error Code: 39 while trying to stream your Disney Plus app, you’re not alone. In this article, I will explain what Disney Plus error code 39 means, why you received it, and how to resolve it.

A reboot of your router, re-installation of Disney Plus, re-plugging your HDMI cable, or resetting your device can fix the Error 39 Code on Disney Plus.

Here’s what the Disney Plus 39 Error code looks like:

“We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39)”

Here are the devices on which these solutions work to fix the Disney Plus 39 Error code.

  • Xbox One, Xbox series x
  • Smart TVs (Sony, Samsung, LG, etc)
  • Android
  • Tablets (Fire, iOS, Android)
  • PS4 and PS5

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 Fix (Solution Steps)

This is not a complex issue, and if you follow the below instructions carefully, you will be able to fix the 39 Error Code on Disney Plus by the time you finish reading this guide.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Disney Plus error code 39:

  1. Reboot the Wifi Router
  2. Reinstalling the Disney+ App
  3. Power Cycling & Re-plugging cables
  4. Resetting the Affected Device (Factory Reset)

Step 1: Reboot the Wifi Router

Firstly, A minor glitch can be the reason, and re-assigning an IP address by restarting your router and waiting for 2-3 minutes usually resolves the problem.

By disconnecting your device from the internet for 2-3 minutes and turning off your router modem, it assigns a new IP address to your device. So this is the first step you must take before moving on.

Irrespective of the device on which you faced it, this step works on all affected devices.

Step 2: Reinstalling the Disney+ App

In the event that rebooting the router did not resolve it, there might have been a conflict with app data. Deleting the app and reinstalling it again will clear the cache and other data on your Disney Plus app. That should fix it.

Error 39 can sometimes be caused by data conflicts in Disney servers, and Disney eventually gets it sorted, but following these steps fixes it most of the time as Disney’s issue is not common.

There are different instructions for different devices, so to make it easier for you, Here is a list of instructions for the devices on which this issue occurs most often.

Reinstalling Disney+ on Android TV and Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony, LG, etc)

  1. Go to Main Dashboard, The main dashboard can be accessed by pressing the Home button on your remote control.
  2. You can open the Play Store by selecting Apps from the left-hand side menu. Once inside the Play Store, select My Apps, then navigate to the Disney+ app.
  3. To uninstall it, click the uninstall button and wait for completion.
  4. Afterward, you will need to reinstall it from the Playstore on your Smart TV and Android TV.

Reinstalling Disney+ on Android Phone or Tablet

  1. Start by opening the Google Play Store app.
  2. Select My apps & games from the action menu on the left.
  3. Next, scroll down until you see the Disney Plus app, then click on Uninstall in the next window, and wait for the process to complete.
  4. Now, select the “Install” option on the same page to reinstall the app.

Reinstalling Disney+ on iPhone and iPad

  1. The process of uninstalling Disney+ on iOS devices is quite simple. On the home screen of your iOS device, tap and hold the Disney+ icon until you see it jiggle.
  2. Once it jiggles, press the small X button (on the upper left corner of the icon) to uninstall it.
  3. Then, open the App Store and search for the Disney App again, then follow the instructions to reinstall it.
  4. Once it has been completed, open Disney Plus and see if the 39 Error has been fixed.

Occasionally, Rebooting and Reinstalling does not fix this 39 Error Code, so don’t worry. I am aware of the feeling, but as we need to fix this, follow the process until it completes and then you will be able to go back to watching Disney Shows.

Step 3: Power Cycling & Re-plugging cables

Prior to moving on to the next step, this is the most important step and almost every time the Disney Plus error code 39 is resolved by following these three steps one by one.

You will need to cold boot or reboot your device and make sure you wait a minimum of 3-4 minutes before turning it on. Also, you must re-plug all the cables including the power cables and HDMI cable.

This may sound strange, but try to change the HDMI cable you’re using. If you’re using any kind of HDMI converter cable, like an HDMI to VGA cable,” ” and plug it directly into an HDMI port on your television,”

Step 4: Resetting the Affected Device (Factory Reset)

The last step is to perform a hard reset on our device, which has been confirmed effective by a large number of people having similar issues.

Note: It is important to check that Disney Plus is working on any other device or on a different network like a Mobile hotspot or different wifi before proceeding with this step.

If you get confirmation, then go ahead and factory reset your device, as sometimes you lose some settings and have to tweak it again after a factory reset.

I have already encountered Error 39 on my Disney Plus in the past and after going through several forums and Disney Helpdesk, these are the Verified steps to resolve this issue.

To ensure this can be resolved in the shortest possible time, I have broken down all the steps into simple formats and grouped them accordingly.

What causes Error Code 39 on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus error code 39 is usually triggered by rights management issues and data conflict, which may mean that Disney’s servers are unable to fulfill the request you sent to servers and needs to be tried again after some time.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, by following all the above steps you have fixed the issue of the 39 Error Code by now while you have gone through this guide. Now you are all set to go back to your streaming also if you have any questions or need more help, please feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.

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