Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Hisense TV? 5 Quick Fixes!!

If Amazon Prime Video isn’t working on your Hisense Smart TV, all you want to do is to reset it. Well, I would say don’t be hasty as there are other fixes that may be able to resolve the Prime Video issue on your Hisense Smart TV.

I also encountered the issue while watching Prime Video, occasionally it stuck on buffering, sometimes it just crashed and restarted, and I was surprised when it showed the “Traveling” message. I thought there was a major glitch with the Prime TV App.

Well, if you are also having trouble streaming Prime Video on your Hisense TV, I will explain why it isn’t working and how to fix it.

When Prime Video is not working on your Hisense TV, you can fix it by reinstalling the app, resetting the Prime Video Cache, or Relogging into the Prime Video account.

How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On Hisense Smart TV?

It is possible to fix the Prime Video Issues on your Hisense TV in multiple ways depending on the cause.

I have listed them in such a way that if there is a minor glitch, it is caught at the beginning. To fix this quickly, I have listed them in this order.

  • Power Cycle
  • Re-login Prime Video
  • Re-install App
  • Clear Cache
  • Factory Reset

Power Cycle

Firstly, you need to power cycle both your TV and Router.

This will sort out any temporary settings glitch on your TV, and upon restarting your Router, your TV will acquire a new IP address.

Make sure you keep your Device unplugged for at least 60 seconds while performing a power cycle.

Remember, power cycles are more than just restarting our devices. They also reset temporary settings and refresh the firmware.

Re-login Prime Video

You can re-install the Prime Video app if you are having trouble accessing Prime Video on Hisense TV, and you will be able to watch Prime Video hassle-free after you log in again.

Re-Install App

Amazon Prime TV problems on the Hisense Smart TV can sometimes be caused by the internal settings of Prime Video conflicting with the television’s software.

The issue can then be resolved by simply reinstalling the Prime Video App.

Clear Prime Video Cache on Hisense TV

While using Hisense Smart TV with Amazon Prime video, sometimes due to cache issues Amazon Prime video will not respond as you expected and keep showing error messages or won’t open.

So, It is possible that amazon prime video is not working on Hisense smart tv due to the cache issue.

Steps To Clear App Cache

  1. Navigate to the apps section by pressing the Home button on your hisense smart tv remote.
  2. Then scroll down and highlight Amazon Prime video
  3. Now, On your Hisense smart TV, press and hold the OK button until you see a popup menu.
  4. After that, Using the remote buttons, scroll down to highlight information and click OK.
  5. Lastly, To clear data of Amazon Prime Video, scroll down and highlight clear Cache data. Press OK to confirm.

That’s how it’s done. Having cleared cache and clearing data of Amazon Prime Video on Hisense smart TV will make the app work again.

After clearing cache and clearing data, your Amazon Prime Video should begin to function normally.

Factory Reset

Even though this is known as the Swish Knife of troubleshooting App issues, you should remember that it will erase and clear all your data on Hisense Smart TV and will make it just like a brand new one.

When you encounter any difficulties while watching Prime Videos on your Hisense TV, it is best to follow these steps first since they typically solve the issues in almost every case.

Nevertheless, if none of the above work, you need to perform a Factory Reset and restore the default settings.

Prime Video Hisense TV Not Working
Hisense TV (Credits:Reddit)

Fixing Amazon Prime Video Showing “Traveling” Message

It typically only happens if you use a VPN and change the country you are streaming from.

Other than that, you might see the “Traveling” message on the Prime Video App if your billing details indicate you are in another country instead of the one you are in.

For this issue to be resolved, all you need to do is turn off the VPN and restart the application, and if you entered other country details in your billing information or while signing up for an Amazon Prime Account, then you also need to change them.

Wrapping It Up

You will be able to fix any issues you are having while watching Prime Video on your Hisense TV by following the above guide since it is quite normal to encounter issues when using an app.

To summarize everything, here is a quick look at how to troubleshoot Prime Video On Hisense Smart TV in short.

  1. Make sure your TV’s software is up to date
  2. Make sure the Amazon Video App is up to date
  3. Your TV’s cache and data should be cleared (if the app came pre-installed).
  4. You should power cycle your TV
  5. Re-login to the app after logging out
  6. Deregister and Register again, The Amazon website allows you to deregister your TV (different from logging out from the app). Just visit and follow the instructions.

So, It was a complete guide to troubleshooting for Hisense TV users who are experiencing issues with the Amazon Prime Video App.

However, if you are still experiencing serious issues and have not been able to resolve them, then please contact Prime Video Support.

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