[Solved] Disney Plus Video Pixelated, Blurry, Low Quality?

Are the pictures on your Disney Plus blurry and getting weird pixels when you try to watch something?

While I was trying to watch something on Disney+, I was also irritated by the color pixelation, low resolution, blurry, and low-quality streaming.

Fortunately, you can resolve the issue easily by following a few simple steps, and I’ll show you how to do it. I tweaked a few settings and followed some instructions which I gathered while researching about this issue.

My prior experience with streaming devices, coupled with Disney Plus support, helped me find the root of the problem as I went through troubleshooting.

If you experience blurry or pixelated Disney Plus pictures, distorted colors, and low-quality video, then your internet is not providing enough bandwidth for the app to function properly, and you need to clear the Disney Plus app cache and reboot the router to fix this issue.

Moreover, apart from the internet bandwidth, there can be a few other underlying factors that can cause this problem, and I have also incorporated those factors into this troubleshooting guide.

Even though this issue occurs most often on Smart TVs, it has also been observed on other devices such as computers, phones, and tablets. The steps in this guide will work for all devices.

Why are my Disney Plus videos blurry and pixelated?

Disney Plus works differently from other streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video, and due to its video compression algorithm, it needs more bandwidth and Internet speed in order to deliver high-quality streaming.

Blurry, pixelated, and low-quality Disney images are often caused by low bandwidth, outdated or buggy apps, and internal cache problems.

Disney Plus Pixelated Video
Disney Plus Pixelated Video

In all of these cases, you should be able to resolve them easily except for your broadband bandwidth, for which you will need to contact your broadband provider.

Low Quality Pixelated Color Disney Plus
Low-Quality Pixelated Color Disney Plus

Now let’s get started on troubleshooting. Please make sure you follow the steps one by one as described so that we can quickly resolve this issue.

How to Fix Pixelated, Blurry, Low picture quality on Disney Plus?

You will need to follow the below steps in exactly the same order on every device that you are streaming Disney Plus on, in order to fix the issue.

As I have arranged the steps in such order so you can understand what was causing the problem at your end.

  1. Check Internet Speed
  2. Check Disney Plus Server
  3. Clear App Cache
  4. Restart Router and your Streaming Device
  5. Reinstall App

Check Internet Speed

The first thing you need to do is check if your Internet connection is fast enough to stream high-quality content over Disney Plus.

According to Disney Plus, to stream high-quality videos, your internet speed must be at least 25 Mbps.

To determine the speed you are receiving, go to Fast.com from the same device on which you are watching Disney Plus. Run a few speed tests to check the speed you are receiving from your ISP.

Check Disney Plus Server

If the Disney Plus servers go down, you can check the real-time Disney status on DownDetector in order to determine if there’s a problem with servers.

Clear App Cache

Despite the good speed and working Disney Plus servers, there may be some internal cache or storage issue leading to a pixelated or blurry picture while watching Disney Plus.

In this case, you will need to clear the app cache on your device. Although the steps are different for TV, mobile, and PC, you can visit the App section and then select Disney Plus and clear the cache and storage.

Restart Router And Streaming Device (Smart TV, PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc)

Since all ISPs provide you with dynamic IPs that change constantly, sometimes you may be assigned a bad IP address. IP addresses marked as bad reputed IPs can conflict with this issue, making servers incompatible or glitchy with them.

It is necessary to power cycle your router in order to assign a new IP address, but don’t just turn the router on and off, you need to wait for 4-5 minutes before turning it back on.

It is also necessary to make the same changes to your Smart TV or PC so that the previously held IP address of your router is released and all temporary settings are cleared.

After completing the above steps, open Disney Plus and try streaming again. You will see it will stream much better and the video quality issue will be resolved.

Reinstall App

Finally, if you still get low video quality or pixelated colors even after following all the above steps, it could be due to internal settings of the Disney Plus app that are conflicting and not synching videos with the internet bandwidth correctly.

In order to get it sorted, you need to first remove the Disney Plus app and then reinstall it.


As someone who has been annoyed by Disney Plus suddenly behaving abnormally and ruining the picture quality when we are watching something on it, I can understand how frustrating it can be.

Disney Plus Video Pixelated
Disney Plus Pixelating Picture/Video

I have optimized my internet speed, cleared the app cache, and reinstalled the app, which has fixed the issue of low video quality and distorted colors.

After following the above steps, I hope you have been able to resolve the issue on your device, and if you still face the issue, please drop the device on which you are experiencing the issue and I can help you optimize it for better streaming.

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