Disney Plus Keeps Logging Out, Resetting Password?

Is your Disney Plus keeps asking for password and logging out so often or keeps resetting password on its own?

Whenever you visit Disney+ every time, it asks you to enter the password or verification code again.

If you are experiencing this issue, I understand how annoying it is to have to enter the password again and again.

I was quite furious after experiencing this issue on Disney Plus recently because they can see that I am already logged in, despite that, they logged me out and asked for the password and verification code again.

Moreover, after I entered my password, logged in, watched something, and closed Disney Plus, it asked me to verify my password again, and thereafter it requested that I change my password and sent me a verification code on my email.

Although I understand the need to verify and login again is not a big deal, it became annoying as I had to enter the password so often.

When I started searching the web about it, I learned that it is a widely known issue.

If you encounter the Disney Plus app repeatedly asking for your password and logging out, this is due to a system glitch. To resolve the issue, you need to update the Disney Plus app as well as clear the device’s cache.

While I did what Disney Plus support told me to do, it seemed to work at first, but after a few days, it asked for my password again.

Later, I investigated using a manual approach as to why this happens and what can be done in order to prevent it.

So I created a guide for you in which you can find out how to fix and prevent Disney Plus from asking you for a password or login regularly.

Why does Disney Plus keep Logging me Out and asking for the password to login frequently?

As streaming apps have a dynamic nature and frequent updates, these issues are common with the Disney Plus app as well.

Usually, when either the app gets glitched, the device cache is not working or we use a VPN to stream Disney Plus, regular account verification is needed.

Even though Disney Plus support said that it was a temporary glitch, I am aware of scenarios when such things happen.

Such as huge loads on servers, profile software updates being rolled out rather than the re-logging, or manual verification required in order to cool down the extra usage.

The server backend team does log out and push the re-login requests so that they can free up the servers from the extra load by logging out accounts that aren’t using services or logged in unnecessarily.

How to prevent Disney plus from logging out and changing the password?

Even though by the nature of the failure, it might get fixed after a few successful logins and won’t be necessary to re-login the account for manual verification via the code.

Being an enthusiast, I figured out how to fix it. I did a few things in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

It is important to emphasize that we are voracious binge-watchers and we do watch Disney Plus regularly. Furthermore, the Disney+ software we have installed is up to date.

In order to accomplish this, we need to clear the cache on our device, reinstall the app, and log in after changing the account password.

Disney Plus login issue help
Disney Plus Login FAQ (Credit: Quora)

Here are the steps you should take in order to solve it and prevent it from happening in the future.

  1. Clear Device Cache
  2. Delete and Reinstall Disney Plus
  3. Change Password

Clear Device Cache

In order to make application access faster, the cache stores login activity and other temporary data.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes become conflicted when it stops updating itself or the content data gets messed up.

So it is always best to clear the cache on your device manually after constant use for multiple days so that all applications get real-time updates and prevent minor glitches.

Delete and Reinstall Disney Plus

Once the cache has been cleared out, it is wise to delete and reinstall the app so that any updates that have been skipped or did not happen automatically can be installed.

Change Password

It is optional to change your password, however, I did so while facing this issue, preventing the issue from recurring.

By visiting the official Disney Plus website, you can easily change the password of your Disney Plus account via your laptop, mobile device, or any other device.

Once you complete all steps in the same order, you will be able to see the improvements and Disney Plus won’t ask you to log in or change your password unnecessarily.

Wrapping It Up

Streaming apps should have multiple ways to sign in, keep logged in, and remember your devices, but they might ask you to change your password regularly to ensure better account security as well as to release server loads for a smooth viewing experience.

I explained in the above guide why you are facing the issue and what steps you need to take to resolve it.

In a nutshell, here is what you should do to prevent Disney Plus from logging out, asking for a password change frequently, and relogging in.

  • Clear Device Cache
  • Delete and Reinstall Disney+ Application
  • Change Password
  • Keep the Device and App updated.

StreamingStash has more Disney Plus guides and fixes available and if you encounter any concerns or issues while performing the above steps, please let me know.

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