Disney Plus Error Code 41 Fix | Complete Troubleshooting Guide

I recently attempted to stream the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney Plus. Instead of watching it, I was greeted with an error message. I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

At first, you may think that the movie you want to watch is not available through Disney Plus. However, this may happen due to several other reasons.

So, if you see error code 41 on your Disney Plus whether it is on App, Smart TV, Computer, iOS, Firestick or any other streaming device don’t panic. There are ways to fix it and in this article, I’ll show you a few easy fixes.

Basically, It indicates that you are trying to stream a file that is not available from the Disney Plus servers via error code 41 on the Disney Plus streaming service.

Important: I would suggest, Any possible connection issues must be addressed before jumping to the guide for fixing this error code.

Why do I keep getting error code 41 on Disney Plus?

If you have the Disney Plus app on your TV and have been having difficulty streaming free content recently, you’re not alone. In fact, many frustrated Disney Plus fans have been posting about Error Code 41 to online forums across the internet.

Typically, this code is displayed when a subscriber attempts to access unavailable content by using an old link or outdated app, but it may also appear due to server overload or connectivity issues.

What is the reason for Error Code 41 on my Disney Plus

The Disney Plus support team says error code 41 is typically a digital rights issue. When you see this error on your device, it means that you are trying to stream content that Disney Plus doesn’t have the rights to stream at the current time or it has been expired or been moved to another link.

Besides server-related issues and local network troubles, error code 41 may also appear because of system errors. Also, users with Disney Plus on the Fire TV seem to experience more problems with this error.

What is error code 41 on Disney Plus?

Undoubtedly Disney Plus has gained popularity and at current times it has also a very strong user base, That is why Disney+ users own Error 41 Code explanation as to why Disney not doing much to fix this once for all.

Since the launch of the Disney Plus beta, there have been a lot of reports about error code 41. If you get this error, you’ll see the following message “cannot play Error Code 41” or similar other messages but all in common is Error Code 14.

This error has been reported on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android TV, and Amazon Firestick.

How do I fix Error 41 on Disney Plus?

I wrote this post to answer everyone’s questions about Error 41 while trying to stream on Disney Plus. There is a lot of information on the internet about how to fix this error code but it can be very hard to find clear and concise information.

In this post, I have done the heavy lifting for you and tested out a bunch of different methods, and listed only the ones which have a maximum success rate.

It doesn’t matter, which streaming device or app you are using because all of these solutions can help you to deal with the issue.

Quick Solutions for Disney Plus Error Code 41

To solve Error Code 41, run these quick steps first and later jump on further guide so you’ll be able to view Disney+ again quickly.

  • Ensure Disney Plus servers are up and running
  • Try watching another show or using another device to watch this one
  • Make sure your internet connection is working.
  • Turn off and on your router and modem.
  • Try resetting or restarting your streaming device
  • You can reinstall Disney+ by deleting and installing it again

Troubleshooting Disney Plus 41 Error Code: The Complete Guide

What does error code 41 mean when it comes to Disney Plus? Is it fixable? What can you do about it? This is the more in-depth guide with explanations.

Know the live status of Disney Plus servers

If you encounter an error code on your Disney Plus device, first check if the error is on your side or Disney’s side. Once you know that, you will be able to better troubleshoot the issue.

That’s why You should check whether Disney Plus is down by going to a third-party site like Downdetector.com.

The problem with servers can only be addressed by Disney, so you should just wait for them to fix it.

Reduce the playback quality

Because of a slow internet connection, your device might have trouble loading Disney Plus shows. To reduce the load on your internet connection, you can lower the playback quality.

To determine if Disney Plus error code 41 still occurs after changing the stream quality, try another title.

Verify If Your Device Is Supported

While you can use Disney+ on most devices, not all devices are supported at the moment. If you encounter the error code 14 or similar while using the platform, visit the Help Center to ensure your device is compatible.

Check The Status Of Your Internet

Network connectivity issues could also be the reason for the error code 41 on Disney Plus. To confirm this, run a speed test on your network. If you run a speed test and it comes back with unsatisfactory results, try restarting your router by waiting for 2-3 minutes.

Clear the Cache and Cookies (Computer, Laptop, and Smart TVs)

Just like other applications, Disney Plus uses caches and cookies to speed up the loading times of websites. These files can accumulate over time and cause problems.

If you keep getting error code 41 on Disney Plus, check your browser’s cache and remove cookies, and after that restart the device.

Delete your Disney Plus App data (Android and iOS)

During a failed update or while the Disney Plus app was being used, the data could have been corrupted.

If this happens, the app may have difficulty functioning and could trigger random error codes like 14.

It is recommended that you clear Disney Plus’s app data to resolve this issue.

Update your Disney Plus App (Smart TV, Android, iOS)

Disney Plus error code 41 is likely to occur if you are attempting to access the platform on an outdated version of the app. The servers may no longer support the version you are using and the software needs to be updated.


Hopefully, this article has significantly increased your knowledge on how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 41. It is just one of the many error codes that Disney Plus owners may experience at various times while trying to watch their favorite shows and movies. If you still have issues with Disney Plus after following the steps above, it would be best to contact customer support now before the next show you want to watch starts.

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