Disney Plus Error Code 14 Solution Explained With Quick Fixes

You may have received an error code 14 screen when trying to stream or watch any content on the Disney Plus app recently. It might be something you’ve come across frequently lately. But, there is a solution available at hand. This is an updated article about how to fix Error Code 14 on Disney Plus which should help you resolve issues with the app.

Despite its great features, Disney Plus is not immune to problems, as is the case with many other streaming platforms.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to watch your favorite show and then getting an error. You try and try and try again, only to get the same annoying error message while using your Disney Plus.

One of the most common issues that may cause Disney Plus not to work is Error Code 14. If you encounter this error, This guide will show you how to fix this error on your Disney+ if you just encountered it.

Why do I keep getting error code 14 on Disney Plus?

What is error code 14 Disney plus?

As per the official Disney Plus Help Support, The Disney Plus error code 14 appears if you enter the incorrect username or password. This most commonly occurs on streaming devices that use the Disney Plus app, but you can also get it on the Disney Plus website.

Reasons you are getting the error code 14 on Disney Plus

  • A password entered incorrectly along with Username
  • A password entered with the wrong case
  • An account that is inactive Cache or Corrupted cookies
  • A temporary bug with your web browser or an error with your app
  • Your account has been accessed by too many devices

So the above points are possible reasons if you are wondering What does error code 14 mean on Disney Plus?

Also, In contrast to other errors that are difficult to fix, this error 14 on your Disney Plus can be fixed quickly and easily via the quick fixes in this guide.

How do I fix Disney Plus error code 14?

The info you need before proceeding: We are assuming that you are already using the updated version of the Disney Plus app (available for both Android and iOS devices)

Quick Fix for Disney Plus Error Code 14
You can try all the following solutions one by one until you solve the problem:

  • Refresh: It is possible that your problem is simply that the Disney Plus app is experiencing a momentary hiccup, in which case reloading and trying again may resolve your problem.
  • Restart: It is possible to fix the error code 14 by restarting Disney Plus.
  • Try Another Device: Sometimes restarting the devices may not fix the issue. To check whether the problem is on our end or on the server side, try using a different streaming device.
  • Reinstall: There could be a bug in the Disney Plus App that may cause Error code 14. Reinstalling the Disney Plus app should clear this error. Uninstall the Disney Plus app from your device and reinstall it.

Other Fixes to solve Error Code 14 on Disney Plus

Properly Activate the Account

If you are getting the Disney plus not working, error code 14 means that you have not activated your account properly. For first-time users, you must first activate your account.

Use another device to sign in

Your streaming device might also be a problem if you receive an error 14 code. Using a supported device could fix the issue instantly.

So try to log in using a computer web browser, a smartphone, a tablet, an iPad, or a gaming console, as well as a Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, or other devices like Smart TVs.

Delete and reinstall your Disney Plus App

If you are getting error code 14 when trying to stream your Disney Plus app, it might be because the app has become corrupted. To fix this, try deleting and installing a fresh app.

Delete cookies and cache

Browsers store cookies in your hard drive in order to help you navigate through the site easier. These cookies are common for all sites including Netflix, Google, etc.

The same goes with the cache data which the browser will use to open websites faster. But they also get corrupted sometimes due to internal conflict or sometimes when they aren’t able to get themselves updated.

If you face Error 14 with your Disney Plus, there are two ways to fix it. The first way is by deleting the cookies in the settings of your browser. Other is to clear the cache as well.

Password needs to be changed

If You haven’t updated your password in a long time. You can change it by logging in to any other device and after that continue on your preferred device.

You can easily get that done by visiting the official website of Disney Plus, Simply Launching the Disney Plus app, or logging onto DisneyPlus.com on your computer browser. Disney will send you a password reset link via email once you select the “Forgot Password” option on the login screen/page.


As mentioned in the related article above, the Disney Plus error code 14 is caused by a number of problems including incorrect login details, outdated app, temporary bug, or glitch in the cache of your device. With that in mind, if you’re still encountering this problem after following these steps, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support. Remember to include full information on what happened when you signed in (e.g. “I swiped through the login screen” or “I tried signing in again”).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can be logged into Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has limited the Device logins and now you can only use 4 devices concurrently with the same account.

Why can’t I log into Disney+?

There can be multiple reasons which can lead to this, before solving this you need to check if there is an error code which you have got on screen. After that try this guide and follow the steps one by one to troubleshoot it.

Why does it say Login failed on Disney Plus?

A corrupted cache or cookies, Incorrect credentials, Temporary server-side bug, and too many devices already logged in can lead to this issue.

How many accounts can you have on Disney Plus?

You can set up total 7 profile accounts with Disney Plus.

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