How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1026? Super Easy Solution!!

Disney Plus Error Code 1026 is one of the frustrating issues faced by Disney Plus users. It’s a very annoying error. In this article, I will try to address all your issues related to Disney Plus Error Code 1026.

There are various causes behind Disney Plus Error Code 1026, including a corrupted cache, a misconfigured router, ISP restrictions, or Disney servers blacklisting a device’s IP address.

Similar to Error Code 1016, the Disney Plus Error Code 1026 appears on Smart TV devices such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Vizio, etc.

You can fix Disney Plus Error Code 1026 by reinstalling the app, clearing the app cache, and rebooting the router.

As I have already faced it in the past, I know how it feels but there is no need to worry as this can be easily sorted by using the below steps carefully.

Note: The following steps apply to all devices regardless of whether you are having this 1026 Error code on your Smart TV like LG, Samsung, Philps, Vizio, or on other devices like Roku, Android TV, and Mobile App.

This usually comes when you try to open the Disney Plus App on your Smart TV and other devices, and here is what it looks like.

Error: “We are having a problem. Please exit the app and try again.
Error code: 1026 Auth_Service_INIT_Failure”

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1026?

How To Fix Error Code 1026 on Disney Plus

Although other Disney Plus issues can be difficult to fix, the 1026 Disney Plus Error Code is easy to fix, if you know what to do. First off, don’t panic!

This is how to fix the Disney 1026 Error, so you can resume viewing your favorite shows.

To fix the error code 1026 on Disney Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Reboot the Wifi Router
  2. Log in to Disney+ and verify your account
  3. Delete Disney+ cache and data
  4. Log off the Disney Plus App on all devices

Step 1: Reboot the Wifi Router

Disney Plus HelpDesk explains that Error Code 1026 may be a result of a temporary IP address conflict between your device and Disney Plus servers.

You can resolve the issue by restarting your device and any network equipment (such as your router).

Turning off your router and modem for about 2-3 minutes will clear out its cache and other static storage which may have become corrupted. Then turn it back on.

The fix worked on my Samsung TV and my friend’s LG when he encountered the identical problem. Later, I checked on other forums and with Disney Plus Helpdesk to confirm that this is a verified fix.

Step 2: Log in to Disney+ and verify your account

It is possible that the Disney+ app will display the error code 1026 if your Disney Plus account requires verification and it is possible that this will correct the issue.

If you are having problems with the Disney Plus TV app, open the app on your mobile device or visit the Disney Plus website.

When you access your account from the website, check whether any pending verification or notifications have been received.

After accepting all notifications and once your Disney Plus account is verified, launch the app and check if it is clear of error code 1026.

Step 3: Delete Cache and Static Data

If your Disney+ app is showing the error 1026, you may be able to fix it by clearing the cache and data of the app. The process for clearing the cache and data differs depending on the device type.

For reference on Samsung Smart TVs, you can navigate to the Smart Hub > Apps section, and there you can clear the cache and other data. Similarly, you can do the same on other devices and Smart TVs.

Step 4: Log off the Disney Plus App on all devices

Step 4 re-login to Disney Plus after logging out from all devices

In case you still encounter the 1026 error on your Disney Plus, it is likely that there is a conflict with data, and you need to log out from all devices where you use your Disney Plus and then re-login. This is also one of the fixes that work.

What causes Error Code 1026 on Disney Plus?

Basically, this issue stems from the corrupt data on Disney Plus servers, which causes the 1026 Error Code to appear. The IP misconfiguration or any internal device network conflict can also cause this issue. However, it is quite simple to fix.

Wrapping Up

That’s how you can easily fix the 1026 Error Code on your Disney Plus app. I’ve covered all the possible workarounds that were recommended by Disney Help Desk as well as which I personally tried and tested. We hope that one of the solutions works for you.

If you are still having issues with the Disney Plus Error Code 1026. You can contact their customer service or technical support.

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