How To Clear Cache on Hisense Smart TV and Hisense Roku TV?

If you encounter any problems related to Hisense Smart TV or Hisense Roku TV, you must know how to clear the cache on Hisense Smart TV (New & Old).

In this guide, I explain how to delete Cache Data on your Hisense Smart TV whether it is a newer model, older model, or the Roku Model.

Your Hisense Smart TV has more storage than you probably think. It stores transient data that gets updated all the time. Deleting or clearing the cache data will give way for newly updated data to be updated on your device every now and then.

If you are wondering how to get this done then using the Clear Memory option in the Network section of your Hisense Smart TV, you can clear or delete the cache on your TV.

The cache is storage where your television stores the most recent data. Every time you turn your Hisense Smart TV on, it’ll always begin by loading the data from the cache storage. If you often turn your TV off and on, it can be a bit difficult to clear up all of this data from the cache storage.

How to Clear Cache on your Hisense TV?

In Hisense TV, there are two main models, an Android-based Smart TV, and Hisense Roku. First, I will explain to you how to clear memory and storage on the Hisense Smart TV (Android), then I will move on to the Roku model.

How to Delete and Clear Cache on Hisense Smart TV Models?

Clear memory cache Hisense smart tv steps

Due to its very easy interface, Memory & Cache data on Hisense Smart TV models with Android systems can be easily cleared by following the below steps.

  1. To begin, press the “Home” button on your TV remote control.
  2. After selecting “Network” from the setup options, click “Next”.
  3. Now, To clear the cache, click on the “Clear Internet Memory” button.

The Hisense TVs cache will be fully cleared and you can reboot it so that the changes can take effect quickly and your Hisense smart TV gets refreshed.

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You already know how to clear the memory cache on Hisense Android TV, but in the guide below, I will explain how to do the same for Hisense Roku TVs. If you have Hisense Roku TV, then the steps below apply to you.

How to Clear and Reset Cache on Hisense Roku Models?

Clear cache memory and reset Hisense roku tv steps

The Hisense Roku TV isn’t anything like any of the Smart TVs you’ve used in the past. There’s no Android like we’re accustomed to seeing in most Android Smart TVs and the Hisense TVs (Android) model.

As Roku has large memory storage, its cache will not be stored. If you want to know how to clear the cache on Hisense Roku TVs, the best solution is to perform a factory reset since both are the same.

Steps to clear Cache, Memory, and Reset Hisense Roku TV

  1. First, You need to press the home button on your remote control to access the main menu.
  2. Scroll to “Settings” using the arrow buttons on the menu.
  3. Go to the device settings and click “System”.
  4. After that, select “Advanced System Settings”.
  5. To clear cache memory and reset it, click on the “Factory Reset option” and select “Factory Reset Everything.”.
  6. Input the code that appears on the screen now.
  7. Lastly, Your TV will show a confirmation prompt. Confirm it and wait for it to reset.

Now, Your Hisense Roku TV will restart. Once it finishes the factory reset process, it will reboot itself again. You would then need to configure it as if it was brand new.

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The way to clear the cache and memory on your Hisense Smart TV depends on which model you have. However, both methods (Android & Roku) are quite simple and straightforward. The steps in the above guide explain the cache clearing process on both of these Hisense TV models.

Nevertheless, if you have any concerns, please make them known in the comments.

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