The Best Roku Channels for Free TV Shows, Movies, Sports & More

If you have got the Roku and you are looking for what next?

Here in this guide, you will get the Best Roku Channels combined with the Top Roku Apps from where you can start your awesome streaming journey. Being among the best streaming devices, Roku needs to be pumped with apps and channels apart from the preinstalled ones. Because if you won’t, there is no point in getting a streaming device like Roku which does have unlimited potential.

Moreover, you have to filter out the best which are suitable to you as we have sorted them in the category wise so that it will be easy for you to choose among them.

So get ready to put your hands on these best Roku apps and channels and filter out the ones which you feel don’t suit you, after the end of this guide you will find your Streaming Stash on another level.

Also, for the information purpose, the Roku has almost 5k+ channels and apps which is quite massive on its own, but in order to get the best out of them, we have checked their functionality content freshness, User interface, and moreover the overall worthiness and after all of these we have filtered out the rest and chose these best channels for Roku.

Best Roku Channels In 2021

The latest Roku channels for stream movies are Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Netflix is the most popular streaming service with over 60 million members. It offers original programming like House of Cards and Stranger Things alongside its enormous library of TV shows and movies. Hulu has both shows and movies; its best-known series are Seinfeld, 2017: The Americans, The Crown, GLOW, The Good Place, House of Cards, The Handmaid’s Tale, etc.

Although these are the best Movies channels for Roku which are official and can be only used after taking the subscription. Below I have listed the free Movies channels for Roku through which you can stream movies on the go.

Best Free Movies Channels and Apps on Roku

Install Popcorn Flix on Roku

First, we do have one of the most famous and widely used apps, Popcornflix is a streaming service that is available on Roku. It provides a good number of free movies and TV shows to watch for those who want the convenience of watching the latest releases from their homes.

The best part about it is, This platform doesn’t have any subscription fee or paywall, making it accessible to everyone there is no matter how much they earn per month.

Fawsome.TV is an Indian video streaming website and the channel has arrived on Roku and is a one-stop hub for content lovers from a wide range of genres, including movies, TV shows, and regional programming.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has grown to be one of the best streaming services on the market today. The service has many advantages over other apps that make it better than even the big platformed streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

You can easily install it on Roku and can enjoy the latest vast collection on demand movies.


FilmRise is now available on Roku devices. You can now watch your favorite movies straight on your Roku TV.

It has a library of over 5,000 films that are ad-free. It also provides audio description for people with disabilities and supports closed captioning.

The user interface is easy to navigate and you can search by title, genre, year, rating, or various other categories.

You can also browse through their Top 20 or 100 lists to see what’s popular this week or month.

It’s the perfect app for movie fans who want to be able to watch their favorite films directly from their Roku at their convenience without adding any additional monthly bills onto their bill pay!

Best Free Roku TV Shows Channels and Apps

There are many free TV shows channels on Roku, but it is important to make sure they are worth the time. The top five free TV shows channels include Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, USA Network, and ABC News. These channels offer a variety of content including new episodes of popular series like Grey’s Anatomy or ER.

Pluto TV

Amon the TV Shows section, Pluto TV offers a wide variety of content.

You can watch everything from news to cartoons on Pluto TV. There are also many different genres of movies and television shows to choose from.

The company has more than 100 channels in total, which include international channels for English, Spanish, Arabic and Polish speakers.


XUMO can be easily installed on Roku and it is an app that provides access to the world’s best video content which covers multiple genres. It offers a wide variety of latest videos which you can enjoy on your big screen TV with Roku. That is why it comes under the best Free TV Shows app for Roku and it would be good to add it in your aresnal.

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