Hulu Recording Won’t Delete? Quick Solution!

Hulu Recordings Won't Delete

Because of your hectic schedule, you recorded shows on HULU’s DVR for viewing in your free time, but later you were unable to delete those recordings. Well, It is not a new issue and I along with many other Hulu users reported it at the beginning of last year (2021), but still, it hasn’t been … Read more

Netflix Not Loading On Fios TV? Widget Issue 3 Tried Fixes!

Netflix Not Loading on Fios TV

Are you trying to watch Netflix on Verizon Fios but the widget isn’t working or Netflix isn’t loading? The issue is not unique to Fios TV users, as there are numerous Fios TV users who struggle with it and I was one of them in the past. When Netflix stops working on Fios TV, there … Read more

Fios TV No Picture But Sound Issue? 5 Quick Fixes!

Fios TV No Picture Only Sound

Are you receiving sound on your Fios TV but the picture is not visible? Every time you change channels, the screen goes black, but you can still hear the audio on your TV? It’s certainly not what we would want to happen while watching something, but it is among the most frequently reported issues by … Read more

Fios TV Keeps Freezing Constantly? Try These Quick Fixes!

Fios TV keeps Freezing Issue

Has your Verizon Fios TV been freezing continuously? Even though you’ve had engineers come multiple times, and changed cables, and boxes, still it keeps freezing? Verizon Fios TV users commonly encounter freezing issues when watching cable television programs, Netflix, on-demand content, and even recorded shows on the DVR. It is undeniable that freezing and lagging … Read more

Prime Video Not Working On PS5? Try These Fixes!

Prime Video Not Working On PS5

Have you been having problems watching Prime Video on your PlayStation 5? It’s okay, you’re not alone. I’ve dealt with this myself, and when I was trying to figure out what went wrong, I found multiple forums where others have complained about similar issues. Having your PS5 stop playing Prime Video can be really annoying, … Read more

Prime Video VR Not Working On Oculus Quest 2? Try This!

Prime Video VR App not working On Oculus

Are you trying Prime Video VR app with Oculus Quest, Quest 2, or any other VR headset, but it is not working or displaying errors? Prime Video VR allows you to enjoy a real theater-like experience directly from the comfort of your own home when viewing TV shows or movies. If you have a VR … Read more

Prime Video Picture Too Dark, 4K, HDR? Try This!!

Amazon Prime Video Too Dark

Are you finding it too dark to watch your favorite shows on Prime Video due to HDR or when playing the shows in 4K? In order to provide us with a cinematic experience, HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides us with bright highlights that are 1000 or more nits for every screen whereas SDR (Standard Dynamic … Read more