How To Install 7 Plus App on Hisense Smart TV? Quick Guide!!

It is very simple to get 7plus on Hisense Smart TV, but most people are not aware of the steps involved. Here I will walk you through each step so that you can enjoy watching your favorite TV show without any worries.

So, if you are in search of an online streaming service that is free and has some great tv shows, movies, and videos. Then the 7Plus App is what you should install on your Hisense TV.

7Plus is an online streaming service that lets you watch TV shows and movies for free. It has a television service just like any cable provider, and you can stream HD content without registering as it is free of charge.

In addition to video-on-demand, 7plus also offers live streaming. The app is operated by Seven West Media.

So if you are wondering How to watch 7plus on your Hisense Smart TV, below are the simple steps to get this done.

How to Get 7Plus on Hisense Smart TV?

In order to add and install the 7Plus app on your Hisense TV, simply follow the below-detailed steps one by one.

  1. On the Hisense Smart TV, go to the Vewd App Store and click the search icon.
  2. Now you need to type 7plus app in the search bar.
  3. On the search result page, click the official 7plus app.
  4. Go to the 7plus app and click on Install.
  5. That’s all now, The 7plus App is installed on the Hisense TV

Now you can open the 7Plus app from your Apps section or from the Home screen of Hisense Smart TV.

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Activating 7plus on the Hisense Smart TV?

You need to activate the 7 Plus app on your Hisense TV once the installation process is done and it has been downloaded and installed on your Hisense Smart TV.

  1. Launch the 7plus app on Hisense TV.
  2. After it is opened, the step to create a 7 Plus account appears.
  3. The activation code will be provided to you as well.
  4. Your 7 Account can now be linked to your device.
  5. Open any of the web browsers from a different device and visit
  6. Depending on the situation, you may need to sign in or sign up.
  7. Now, You need to enter the activation code you received on your TV in the required field.
  8. By doing so, your 7 Account and Hisense Smart TV will be linked and activated.
  9. By tapping Start Watching, you can begin streaming the 7plus app once everything is set up.

Through the above steps, you will be able to activate the 7+ app on your Hisense Smart TV and after that, you can start streaming it.

What features will I get with the 7+ App on Hisense TV?

The 7Plus app is a feature-rich app that is gaining good traction and is loved by binge-watchers everywhere. Here are the features that you can enjoy after adding 7+ App to your Hisense TV.

  • Live coverage of the Olympics and other popular sporting events
  • The latest episodes are regularly updated and are available to stream
  • You can watch anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Streaming live shows and on-demand content for free
  • The ability to connect to multiple devices

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Using these steps, you can download, install, and watch the 7Plus on your Hisense Smart TV. The steps are fairly simple, but if you experience any problems, do leave a comment below.


Can I Add and Watch 7Plus on My Hisense Smart TV?

Yes, you can install the 7plus app directly from the Hisense store or use the above guide, and the app is compatible with all Hisense smart TVs.

Why 7plus app not working on Hisense Smart TV?

If you are experiencing problems, try updating the app or clearing the app’s cache, and relaunching it for better results.
Moreover, if you still face the issue you can reset your Hisense Smart TV which will solve the issue.

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